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Life is Good!

I constantly hear my friends and others talking about how bad things have become. They talk about more shootings, more violent crimes, less religion, etc…, but these arguments are not backed by facts or figures. They are mostly just strong hunches and hearsay. Believe it or not, violent crimes are much lower than in years past. Faith is continual on the rise as 84% …

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Is $10 Corn a Possibility??

I see at minimum -10 million unplanted corn acres and perhaps much more. I also have a very hard time fully grasping potential yield loss on all of the re-plant and late-planted acres. Recently on the June WASDE, the U.S. planted acreage estimate was lowered by -3 million to 89.8 million. The U.S. average yield …

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New Reality in the Global Soybean Market

For the better part of a year, African Swine Fever has been roiling the global soybean complex. Now we have new data from China’s Ministry of Ag and Rural Affairs reporting that the pig herd has declined by -20% since ASF was first reported in early August 2018, and China’s feed demand and soybean imports …

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How to be Successful at Work or in Business

I recently received an interesting article from Taylor Pearson, a personal coach and business consultant down in Austin, Texas. I thought it was an interesting take on personal growth regarding work and business. I know a lot of friends and family who say they feel stuck and or constantly searching for financial reward. As I …

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Interesting Read…. Planet Fitness

There’s been a lot of stories and research circulating as of late regarding the “Planet Fitness” business model and the explosive growth the company has enjoyed! This is happening at the same time many traditional retailers across the U.S. have announced thousands of store closures. On the flip side, Planet Fitness recently announced they will …

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Will the Market Continue Up From Record Highs?

Stocks remain strong as both the Nasdaq and S&P 500 post fresh new record closing highs. Bloomberg analyst noted that it took 14 weeks for the stock market to fall and 17 weeks to recover. As long as you didn’t blowout of your positions, most investors are now made whole and perhaps even up a …

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