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DeWalt and Soy Checkoff Develop a New Use for Soybeans – Bar and Chain Oil

The next time you need to pull out the chainsaw, there’s a new soy-based bar and chain oil option from DeWalt that can help keep it in good working order. Developed through a partnership between DeWalt, Dynamic Green Products, and investment from a soy checkoff initiative, the biodegradable bar and chain oil is already available at Home Depot stores nationwide, ...
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NEW Bunge-Chevron Plant Opens Oilseed Options for Midsouth Producers

Bunge and Chevron just broke ground on a new oilseed processing facility in Destrehan, Louisiana, which is expected to open new crop options for producers in the midsouth. The plant features a flexible design, intended to allow it to process soybeans as well as soft seeds, including novel winter oilseed crops such as canola and CoverCress.The new plant is part ...
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SAF from Corn Ethanol Requires Substantially Less Acreage Than Soybeans

The Biden administration is expected to release preliminary models for its sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) subsidy program in the coming weeks. Key for the ethanol industry is whether the corn-based fuel will qualify for the highest SAF subsidies. If ethanol is left behind, SAF suppliers will be mostly dependent on oilseed crops which could create a whole new problem - ...
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“SESO” Aims to Solve the Farm Labor Shortage by Automating the Process

American farmers have limited options when it comes to filling their labor needs. For many, the government’s H-2A visa program, which permits US farms to hire foreign seasonal workers, is a much-needed resource. However, the program is famously hard to navigate, with complicated rules and mountains of paperwork that just add to farmers’ already heavy workloads. A company called “SESO” ...
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Son of Potato Farmer Takes the French Fry Global… and Becomes Billionaire! 

Dubbed the 'King of the French Fry' Harrison McCain was a straight-talking son of a potato farmer, who along with his brother Wallace, would create a global commodity and a calling card of American culture, the frozen "French Fry". Until Harrison came along the potatoes grown on land near his home had always been baked or cooked in water or oil ...
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New AI-Powered Technique Can Accurately Estimate GHG Emission in Ag 

As agriculture continues to come under fire for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMN) and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have demonstrated that it’s possible to provide accurate predictions of those emissions. The study’s authors say the findings are a critical first step in developing a credible Measurement, Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification ...
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Time to Freshen Up Your Auction Bidding Strategy

Spring is the start of auction season around our house. Michelle loves looking for auctions to attend and making road trip vacations out of the efforts. I need to admit, I like chasing the auctions as well. In fact, Michelle regularly finds not only the ones she likes but also the ones she knows I will like that have cool ...
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World’s First Successful Transplant of Gene-Edited Pig Kidney Into 62-Year Old Man

Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital recently performed a life-saving transplant on a 62-year-old man using a genetically edited pig kidney developed by biotech startup “eGenesis.” While it’s not the first attempt to use organs from pigs in humans, it is the first pig kidney transplanted into a living human. Surgeons say that many unknowns remain about the viability of the ...
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US Agriculture Just Got the Greenlight for “Drone-Swarm” Farming

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently issued a landmark decision that clears the way for “drone-swarm” farming. Hylio, a Texas-based drone manufacturer, successfully applied for an exemption from the FAA to allow fleets of drones weighing 55 pounds or more to fly together.Meaning farmers can now use fleets of drones that in some cases can totally replace traditional tractors ...
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Scientists and Policymakers are Warming Up to Geoengineering

Tweaking the chemical composition of Earth’s oceans and atmosphere to slow global warming is an idea that most scientists have resisted due to concerns about the unintended consequences. Nonetheless, more researchers and governments are seriously considering possible applications as they seek ways to mitigate increasing weather disasters and other symptoms of a warming planet. Known as “geoengineering,” the methods involved ...
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