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Remembering the Contributions of America’s Farmerettes

Before "Rosie the Riveter" became the face of women supporting America's war efforts, it was "farmerettes" that replaced male laborers that were called into military service. For those not familiar, Rosie the Riveter was an iconic female factory worker pictured on a WWII-era poster that urged women to take jobs previously done by men, as the mass recruitment of men ...
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NEW Chicken Wing Businesses and Interesting COVID Related Surge in Demand

The lead up to the Super Bowl every year inevitably turns to chicken wing demand. Super Bowl LIV, which was played pre-pandemic on February 2, saw Americans consume an estimated 1.4 billion chicken wings. That was a new record high and 20 million more than the previous year. That amount of chicken wings is enough to put 640 wings on ...
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Pay Attention… More Poultry Farmers in Europe and Asia Battling Bird Flu

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), aka "bird flu", has been circulating across Europe and Asia at a pretty steady pace this winter with wild birds believed to be spreading the disease. France has culled over +700,000 birds in the past 45-days, mostly commercial ducks and concentrated in the southwest. Meanwhile, the outbreak in Asia is actually evolving into one of ...
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What’s Most Important in Your Life?

This is a heartfelt message from a farmer who had to make an important choice in his life: to continue seeking the next buzz or to actually take hold of life and be the best man he can be for his family and friends. This was passed on to me from a subscriber and I felt I should do my ...
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Companies are Making Meat From Thin Air

NASA researchers back in the 1960s had this idea that it was possible to convert the carbon dioxide exhaled by astronauts into a physical protein that they could eat. NASA dropped the idea but the work was uncovered decades later by physicist Lisa Dyson, who has turned the research into an alternative meat company, Air Protein. The company just secured ...
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How One Bull Passed On A Deadly Gene to 14% of U.S. Dairy Cows

I found this story somewhat interesting and wanted to pass it along. In 1962, the Arlinda farm in Northern California purchased a milk cow from Nebraska named "Beauty." The manager bought the cow because she produced a lot of milk, but she was also pregnant. Her calf, they named "Chief" and he was quite special.  The young bull had an enormous ...
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INTERESTING… Safe, Effective and Sustainable Crop Protection with Biological Peptides

It is increasingly difficult to discover and commercialize new synthetic active ingredients due to rising development costs, late-stage failures and challenging regulatory hurdles. On top of that, existing solutions continually face pesticide resistance issues. A company called "Vestaron" is embracing the power of peptides, starting with a class of compounds that kills insect pests efficiently, but is safe for humans, ...
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KVT, Andy Daniels, and Special Guest Emily French Talk About the Markets and the Future of Agriculture!

Emily is one of our good friends and considered one of the absolute best in the business. If you have any money invested in agriculture this is a must-listen. As usual, Emily delivers and provides some very interesting insight. I am truly blessed to know so many smart people and happy that I can share. Take the time and listen ...
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Highest-Funded Agrifoodtech Startups of 2020

AgFunder put together a list of the agrifoodtech companies that raised the most venture capital funding this year. As they note in their report, Covid-19 made it a difficult year for many but agrifoodtech still attracted a substantial amount of investment as both new pain points and opportunities emerged. For example, "E-commerce and restaurant tech saw steady deal companies ...
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Brazil’s Infrastructure Investments are Starting to Pay Off

Brazil continues to build out its infrastructure to accommodate the country's massive grain trade with a particular focus on maximizing their share of China's equally massive import market. The key to this plan is one that seems very simple on paper - more paved roadways connecting to the country's northern ports. Turning that plan into reality has been a decades-long ...
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