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Could Be a Big Opportunity Growing “Bioenergy Sorghum”

Texas A&M's AgriLife Research scientists just released a new study showing how "bioenergy sorghum "could be a huge player in removing larger amounts of carbon dioxide from the air and putting more carbon back in our soils. In fact, research is showing the crop can improve soil fertility and potentially earn carbon credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions. The research ...
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Smaller, Autonomous, Cheaper Equipment on the Way

You can think of Agtonomy as a hybrid autonomy and tele-assist service platform that turns tractors and other equipment into autonomous machines using a robust sensor suite and custom software stack to enable remote modes of operation focused on lowering the cost of repetitive tasks such as mowing, spraying, and precision weeding. Just last September the company received $4 million in ...
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Strategies for Successfully Managing the Historic Herbicide Shortage

Ag insiders have been warning for months that producers could face an unprecedented chemical shortage in the 2021/22 growing season. Unfortunately, the warnings have not subsided. If anything, they have grown more urgent as supply issues for the two most popular herbicides - glyphosate (Roundup, others) and glufosinate (Liberty, others) fail to subside. Where the herbicides are available, prices have ...
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How a Vaccine Helped Saved America’s Early Cattle Industry

As the U.S. rangeland cattle industry was coming into its own around the mid-1800s, the herds of the American West faced untold number of threats as they were herded across the open plains. One of the biggest was a disease that many livestock farmers are likely familiar with to this day - blackleg. Between 1870 and the early 1990s, ranchers ...
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“Greeneye” Bringing NEW Tech to Spraying

Greeneye Technology, founded in 2017 by three veterans of Israel’s elite Sheldag commando unit, is using artificial intelligence to enable precision spraying technology that can not only distinguish between crops and weeds, but also classify weeds down to the species level. CEO of the Israel-based company, Nadav Bocher believes there are more effective ways to apply herbicides through precision spraying, ...
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What a Year it Was for Organic Grains… Organic Soybean Prices Doubled

While organic soybeans are a hot commodity, our friends from Mercaris reported that the domestic organic corn market finished the year strong with prices recovering from last year’s dips. Production reached a +9% year-over-year increase with harvests estimated to reach 49.5 million bushels. Mercaris noted that US organic corn producers are expecting to expand their crop production by 4%. The ...
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The Interesting History of Genetically Modified Crops

Humans have been manipulating the genetic code of plants for thousands of years. Early farmers adopted cross-breeding methods to modify various plants to produce more desirable traits. Traditional breeding techniques can take many years to develop the sought after changes, however, and often with mixed results. In the 1970s, agriculture was changed forever when scientists discovered a way to make ...
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“RIPE”… Engineering Crops to Produce More with Less

Shifts and changes in climate can prove to be catastrophic for crop production. In an effort to combat the potential complications, a team of researchers is trying to optimize photosynthesis, the natural process all plants use to convert sunlight into energy and yields. The ultimate goal of the project, dubbed "Realizing Increased Photosynthetic Efficiency," or RIPE, is to engineer crop ...
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New Grafting Technique Could Help Combat Pathogens in the World’s Most Imperiled Crops

Researchers for the first time have made grafting work in "monocotyledons", a type of plant that includes are some of the world's most important plants economically and culturally, and account for most of our staple foods. The "near-impossible" technique could increase production and eliminate diseases for some of agriculture's most imperiled crops.An estimated 60,000 plants fall under the classification of ...
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Indoor Ag Facing Crossroads of Hype and Reality

Following the recent termination of the proposed SPAC for AeroFarms, the sustainable indoor agriculture company based in Newark, New Jersey, along with the poor Q1 results from AppHarvest, the applied technology company building some of the world's largest indoor farms, many VC investors might be having second thoughts about the "Controlled Environment Agriculture" space, or CEA. I should note, the AeroFarms’ ...
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