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Honeybee Killing “Yellow-Legged Hornet” Invading US

A few years ago, Americans were warned about “Asian Giant Hornets” - aka “murder hornets” - that were spotted in Washington state. While that menace seems to be under control for now, a new Asian hornet species known for its penchant for murdering honeybees has snuck into the US. The “Yellow-Legged hornet” feeds on a variety of other native pollinator ...
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What’s Going On with Russia’s Wheat Crop?

Russia has declared a series of federal emergencies recently amid crop-damaging frosts and drought that are denting the country’s wheat prospects. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in its most recent June update trimmed Russia’s 2024-25 wheat production by -5 million metric tons (MMT) to 83 MMT. Other forecasters are even less optimistic, including local analyst Sovecon that pegs the ...
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Heat Kills More Americans than Any Other Weather-Related Disasters… Pay Attention to These Symptoms! 

The effects of heat on the body are well known: over-heating strains the heart and kidneys, causes headaches, disrupts sleep, and slows cognition. In extreme cases, heat stroke can lead to multi-organ failure and even death! Heat stroke occurs when the body reaches an internal temperature of 104 degrees and above. By this point, blood pressure has often dropped too ...
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World Livestock Auctioneer Championship Comes to Oklahoma this Weekend

Oklahoma City is the place to be this weekend if you are an auctioneer, or just a fan. The 2024 LMA Convention, hosted by the Livestock Marketing Association (LMA), takes place from June 12th to 15th. The convention culminates on Saturday with what is no doubt the main attraction - the World Livestock Auctioneer Championship (WLAC), which is celebrating its ...
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Great NEW Concept… Bid on Beef!

This was sent my way the other day and I thought it was a great idea. CK6 Consulting recently approached Texas Beefhouse with a concept of taking beef to a live public auction. The DuVall family at Capitol Angus was fearless and willing to take on the challenge. The CK6 team works in price discovery every day in the Angus ...
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Cookies and Cakes Could Soon be Flavored by…Corn?

Bakers out there have likely noticed that the price of real vanilla has skyrocketed the last few years amid a global shortage. The flavoring is essential for many baked goods and can be at least partially blamed for high prices at the grocery store. Santa Barbara based startup Spero Renewables has figured out a way to make a vanilla flavoring ...
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Broke Bob’s Third Ag Equity Report

Agribusiness is an industry that readers of the Van Trump Report know. Conceivably it’s one where we have a competitive edge. During the next 12 months, several large interdependent events, including the U.S. November elections, the Ukrainian war, Israeli war, oil prices, China/U.S. tensions, inflation, etc., stand to sway stock markets. The second report in this series delved into the ...
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Bird Flu Is Everywhere…What You Need to Know

The bird flu situation is starting to feel a little out of control with a new case seeming to appear everyday in poultry flocks, dairy herds, and/or humans. Just recently, a patient in Mexico tested positive for a bird flu strain that has never been found in humans before, H5N5. There are also reports indicating that bird flu (aka avian ...
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Purchasing Land for 2 Cents Per Acre, and How “Perspective” Has Shaped the World!

It was in the 1850s that a population of once 300,000 sea otters was almost extinct, and Russia needed money after being defeated by France and Britain in the Crimean War. Military experts in Russia worried that if gold was discovered from the push West the British who had moved into Canada would quickly make the jump to Alaska and ...
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More Northern Lights and Possibly Damaging Geomagnetic Storms

Americans have been treated to brilliant displays by the Northern Lights this spring. The rare spectacle, also known as the “aurora borealis,” is the result of strong solar flares firing out of the Sun that also disrupted GPS systems on farm equipment across the US. The flares in May originated from an enormous sun spot that has now rotated back ...
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