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How Charles Pillsbury Transformed the Wheat Industry

Most Americans are very familiar with the Pillsbury Company which has given us a host of iconic products, including the company's Classic Yellow Cake Mix, every flavor of pre-made frosting, and those addictive Crescent Rolls. Pillsbury's marketing efforts for its various brands also generated iconic characters like the Doughboy and Jolly Green Giant. The company itself is no longer around ...
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Could Year-Round Bird Flu Dramatically Change the Chicken and Egg Business?

Poultry farmers across the globe remain under threat from an unusually long and lethal bird flu outbreak that has led to the loss of nearly 53 million birds in the US and at least 50 million in Europe. The outbreaks involve a Eurasian H5N1 strain that experts say is behaving differently than anything they've seen in the past. Most concerning ...
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Why Rural Americans Should Weigh In on New FCC Broadband Maps

It has been over two decades since broadband started replacing dial-up internet connections. While broadband has since become a virtual necessity in our modern age, wide swaths of the US still don't have access to high-speed internet. Until recently, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has collected limited information on broadband coverage from internet providers, which can obscure the true ...
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What You Need to Know About New Zealand’s Cow Burp Tax

Most have probably heard by now that New Zealand is planning a so-called "cow burp tax" that would charge the country's livestock farmers for the greenhouse gasses that their animals emit. The belch tax, which would be the world’s first, is controversial to say the least, and could have implications for livestock farmers across the world as other countries consider ...
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FDA Approves Lab-Grown Meat but Will US Consumers Bite?

The US Food and Drug Administration earlier in November approved the first cultivated meat product for human consumption. That means just one final stamp of approval from the US Department of Agriculture is needed before Upside Food's lab-grown chicken can be sold to consumers. Most believe the odds of that happening are high, though the company (formerly Memphis Meats) plans ...
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Once Homeless Man Gives Away 2,500 Thanksgiving Meals Each Year

Rob Adams, age 50, said when he was young, he and his family experienced homelessness and lived in the back of a pickup truck. Adams’s parents had only enough money for him and his siblings to stay in a motel room one night a week, he said, so for the better part of 1982-83, they spent the other six nights ...
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Are You a “Giver” or “Taker”? by Jordan Van Trump

As a kid, my dad always talked a lot about "gratitude" and how he watched it single-handedly help change people's lives, not only from an improved psychological perspective but also helped to promote improved health and wellness. Let's just say my dad is a true "half-full" type of guy. My dad also likes to identify people as being either "givers" or ...
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How Three Brothers Accidentally Created the First Dude Ranch

As a young America spread further and further West, a new kind of tourism spread with it. Known as the "dude ranch," these mashups of ranching and tourism really got started in the late 1800s following the Battle of Little Big Horn, which ended an era of brutal bloodshed on the Plains. With the Indian wars concluded, the railroads were ...
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Doomsday Prep is Going Mainstream and Some Ag Businesses are Cashing In

A growing number of Americans are preparing for doomsday. However, the number of companies catering to the so-called "prepper" community doesn't seem to be keeping up. Estimates vary but some peg the share of Americans actively getting ready to ride out some sort of catastrophe is as high as 20%. That's compared to an estimated 2%-4% of Americans in 2018 ...
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What We Know About China’s Hog Herd

China's hog herd size is once again being questioned as prices of the country's most popular meat have doubled from last year's levels even as official statistics show inventory levels and production remain virtually unchanged. China officials blame the higher prices on farmers holding pigs back from slaughter. However, industry insiders say China's herd inventory and pork output has shrunk ...
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