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U.S. Corn Exporters Should Benefit from Brazil’s Short Supply 

U.S. corn export prospects in 2021/22 are looking a little brighter even as production in Brazil is set to witness a strong recovery. In its latest Supply and Demand estimates, the USDA lifted U.S. corn exports by +0.5 million tons to 63 million. That's a pretty dramatic reduction from 2020/21 exports pegged at nearly 70 million but still substantially higher ...
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Digital Hog Farm Management. Simplified.

Pork production is often a balancing act between animal welfare, productivity and sustainability. Farmers are motivated to reduce sow and piglet mortality to improve their yields, new techniques to boost facility productivity and to reduce the industry's carbon footprint through minimized energy use and reduced water and feed waste. A new company called "SwineTech" is providing a scalable, intuitive, and ...
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Greeneye Claims They Can Turn Any Tractor Into an AI-Powered Precision Sprayer

A new precision sprayer option is coming to America next year, courtesy of Israel-based Greeneye Technology. The new artificial intelligence-powered equipment, which attaches to existing machinery, promises to lower herbicide use while also increasing productivity and profitability. “Despite a concerted effort by the agriculture industry to develop precision spraying technologies, so far very few of these projects have moved beyond ...
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Following Harvest Time to Scout Those Fields… October is Soybean Cyst Nematode Action Month

Soybean cyst nematode is one of agriculture's most destructive pests, capable of causing significant yield loss, costing soybean farmers more than $1.5 billion every year. One of the worst things about SYN is that they do their damage before most growers even know they have an infestation. Early detection is the best tool to manage the pest and prevent its ...
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“Crowdfarming” Platform Steward Offers Opportunities for Farmers and Investors

Regenerative agriculture continues to draw venture capital money with "crowdfarming" platform Steward the latest startup to benefit from the increased attention. The startup's technology helps small and medium-sized farms raise money for sustainability improvements by letting regular people invest in them directly. Steward just raised $8.8 million in Series A funding co-led by Neglected Climate Opportunities — the VC arm ...
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Data-Driven Management Comes to the Livestock Barn

A consistent complaint across the livestock industry is the inability to proactively manage two of their most valuable assets: their people and their animals. The lack of visibility to even basic barn conditions such as temperature, humidity, water consumption, manure pit levels, feed availability and even worker presence create ambiguity, uncertainty and ultimately requires the enterprise to continuously respond to ...
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National Farmers Day

Farmers Day is celebrated every year on October 12! The profession of farming began around 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock as hunter/gatherers settled down and started to plant their own food. Agriculture is one of the world’s oldest and vital professions. Farmers have remained one of the highest contributors to economic growth while consistently feeding the people ...
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Giant Tractor and Farm Auction Coming Up… Worth the Road Trip! 

John & Linda O’Connell's John Deere tractors will be joining the 2021 Mecum Auction Gone Farmin' Fall Premier lineup! The auction will take place a month from now November 11-13 at the Bend XPO in East Moline, IL.This might be one worth the road trip...The tractors coming up for auction will include a 1972 John Deere 4020 Hi-Crop, 1972 John ...
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Study Shows Soil Health Practices Paying Off

Healthy soil is fundamental to food production and one that is increasingly in the spotlight as so-called "regenerative ag" gains more traction. While the term regenerative ag may be fairly new to the mainstream, the principals and practices for promoting healthy soils have been practiced by innovative farmers in the U.S. for decades. A new study from The Soil Health ...
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Oats All Time Highs! Cotton Trading at Highest Price in Almost a Decade

As you can see in the charts below, Oats are at all time highs! The increased demand for oats the paast few years coupled with the current production hiccup in the U.S. and Canada might leave millers short the amount of supply needed to meet demand. Last week, the USDA showed total oat production estimated at a record low 39.8 ...
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