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Australia’s Wheat Crop Continues to Wither

After a brutally hot and dry September, Australia's wheat crop is expected to take an even bigger plunge than forecasters have already projected. The Australian Bureau of Agriculture currently estimates the crop at just over 25 million metric tons, slightly less optimistic than the United States Department of Agriculture's 26 MMT estimate but higher than many private analysts. With the ...
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US Soybean Industry Has +$124 Billion Impact on the Economy…. and Growing!

A new study from the National Oilseed Processors Association (NOPA) and the United Soybean Board finds the soybean sector has a $124 billion impact on the US economy. Based on data from crop years 2019/20 to 2021/22, the contribution includes $85.7 billion from soy production and $9.8 billion from soybean processing. According to the study, more than 500,000 individuals are ...
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SwarmFarm Robotics Introduces New “Dock and Refill” Technology

Autonomous machinery company "SwarmFarm Robotics" has made a name for itself with its lightweight, low-cost, autonomous robots. Known as SwarmBots, the company's collision-avoiding technology allows multiple robots to work on the same task together as a "swarm." The company has now unveiled its new "Dock and Refill" technology that will allow the SwarmBots to autonomously refill inputs and refuel on ...
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Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge Shines Spotlight on Rural Entrepreneurship

The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) and Farm Credit have announced the 10 semi-finalist teams in the 2024 Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge. The challenge is a partnership between the two organizations that showcases U.S. startups developing innovative solutions that address challenges facing America’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. Launched in 2015, The Challenge was the first national business competition ...
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What You Need to Know About Controversial Carbon Capture Pipeline Projects in the Midwest

Controversy continues to build around three carbon capture pipelines planned for the Midwest. Three companies - Summit Carbon Solutions, Navigator CO2, and Wolf Carbon Solutions - have proposed projects aimed at capturing CO2 emissions from ethanol plants and piping it underground to sequestration sites hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The pipelines would carry the carbon through Iowa, Minnesota, ...
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From the Family Kitchen to Becoming One of America’s Biggest Snack Brands… The Frito Story!

Fritos corn chips have been a staple in American school lunches and taco salads seemingly forever. The simple yet perfectly satisfying bite of salty crunchiness was discovered by Charles Elmer Doolin back in 1932 who stumbled upon the idea in the classified section of his local newspaper.  Born in 1903 in Kansas City, Kansas, to Charles Bernard Doolin and Daisy ...
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Corn and the Interesting History of the Treadmill

Today we associate treadmills with the fitness and gym culture, but back in the nineteenth century, many historians argue the treadmill was actually designed and used as a form of punishment. Invented this week back in 1818 by William Cubitt, the treadmill was actually first created as a human-powered device for grinding corn. It didn't take long, however, for major ...
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Animal Food Industry and the Challenges Ahead

A new report from the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) details several challenges currently impacting animal feed and pet food industries, including a lengthy regulatory process for new ingredients and persistent supply chain disruptions. Despite the headwinds, AFIA's “2022-23 State of the US Animal Food Industry Report” forecasts nearly 5,650 US animal food manufacturing facilities will generate total sales of ...
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How About a Nice, Juicy Ostrich Steak?

The ostrich, a bizarre-looking, flightless bird that originates from Africa, is the world’s largest living bird. Apparently, it also tastes a lot like beef but is packed with even more protein and just a fraction of the fat. Ostrich also has a smaller environmental footprint than beef, requiring one-third of the water and one-fiftieth of the land, according to American ...
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Drought Again Disrupting Freight Flows on Critical Shipping Arteries

The world's extensive network of waterways are a vital part of global commerce. In fact, approximately 90% of all goods shipped end up traveling on a waterway at some point. Unfortunately, low water levels on the rivers and canals that help move the world's merchandise threaten the lifeblood of the shipping industry and the disruptions may get worse as the ...
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