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Higher Crude Oil, Locking in Propane, and Few Random Thoughts

I think there's more risk to the upside than downside right now in the traditional energy space. I've been talking to people the past two weeks who have been pricing and locking in propane needs and other energies ahead of what might be higher prices. The thought process is multi-layered but in a dumbed-down elementary version, it goes something like this... The ...
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Decades-Low Water Levels on River Threaten South America Grain Exports

One of South America's most important waterways, the Parana River, flows through one of the world's most important agricultural regions. Starting in Brazil, the Parana stretches some 3,000 miles along the border of Paraguay and into Argentina, making it one of the longest lowland rivers on the planet. Currently, the river is flowing at less than half its historical averages, ...
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Machine Learning to Make Global Agriculture Trade Easier, Faster and More Profitable

Food is clearly a global business! Crops flow from producing countries to those where they are used as ingredients in prepared products, restaurants, and home kitchens on a daily basis. As the world grows and people travel more easily new markets are being opened to agriculture producers of all sizes. But global trade isn’t easy, requiring complex supply chain operations, ...
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How a Poor Preacher’s Son Became One of the Most Important Architects in America

Several Frank Lloyd Wright homes have hit the market recently, one of them here in my backyard. The Sondern-Adler house in Kansas City, Missouri, is currently on the market for a cool $1.65 million. In Oskaloosa, Iowa, the Carroll Alsop House is taking private bids. The Alsop home sale also includes Wright-designed furniture that is original to the house. These ...
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Organic” May Not Currently be Your Space… But it Continues to Grow!

Since the first organic survey in 2008, the number of organic farms, the acres used for organic production, and the value of organic products sold has all increased, more than tripling by 2019. Last year's full data is not yet out but I suspect it will be higher. There is some debate however as higher food inflation and COVID-related dislocation ...
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How Drought Impacts Soybeans Throughout the Growing Season

Drought conditions are intense across North Dakota and South Dakota, which combined accounted for about 6% of 2020 soybean production last year. There are also some worrying drought conditions across parts Iowa and a large portion of Minnesota, which sit at number 2 and 3 respectively in the top soybean production state rankings. While soybeans are pretty a resilient crop, ...
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Australian Farmers Battling Mice Plague… “A single pair of mice can produce 500 offspring each season!”

The headline sounds like the setup for a horror movie, but unfortunately for the Australian agriculture industry, it is all too real. Hundreds of thousands of mice have infested eastern Australia causing millions of dollars worth of damage to crops, machinery, vehicles, and even homes. Video shot by a farmer in New South Wales (NSW) showed mice falling like rain ...
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Helping Farmers Reduce Risk, Build Better Plans, and Open Doors to Lending

Agriculture is full of massive uncertainty! Farm operations, food retailers, and manufacturers are being squeezed byoutdated business models and rapid changes in technology and major shits in consumer demand. A company called "Growers Edge" is using sophisticated data science, as well as public and private data sets and deep learning algorithms to design warranty-backed crop management plans sold through U.S ...
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Deteriorating Pasture Conditions are a Worrying Sign for Cattle Producers

Pasture conditions have been a growing concern this season as drought has continued to intensify across critical cattle production states. USDA reports current pasture and range conditions are some of the worst ever for May with nearly 40% of pasture and rangeland experiencing negative conditions. Approximately one-third of U.S. cattle and over half of milk cow inventories are covered by ...
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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Create Ag Products That Consumers Love

Consumers have made clear that they are looking for quality, traceable agriculture products, but too many food producers are still relying on outdated and imprecise R&D processes that don’t take those evolving preferences into account. There is a need for a massive digital transformation across the industry in order to meet this rising demand. A company called "Native" is the ...
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