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I have been in the trading and investment industry for over 30 years. I started at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, worked at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Kansas City Board of Trade. Along my journey, I became friends with some of the largest and most successful traders and investors in the industry. This network has unlocked doors to proprietary research, tools, and strategies that in the past were only available to top insiders. I now pass this information and knowledge along to subscribers in an easy to read format.

I have also developed friendships with owners of top Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic trading firms, which has given our team a better understanding of the dynamics and technological changes taking place in the markets. We believe, by gaining a better understanding of how the High Frequency and computer-based trading models operate, we can stay a step ahead, better maneuver and reduce risk.

I am also an angel investor in several Ag-Tech startups and provide a valuable perspective and insight about the future of agriculture. I believe there’s massive execution risk for those in the agri-business space who are slow to adopt. Remember, as Rick Warren says, “Irrelevance happens when the speed of change outside an organization is greater than the speed of change inside and organization.”

As technology advances, so does access to headlines, news and information. More than ever, you need someone on your team who can best separate the music from all of the noise. I believe my years of experience in the markets and access to valuable research and information can help guide you.

It is the rate and speed in which “change” is occurring that is making it so difficult to forecast. You can not rely on old-school thoughts or ideologies to navigate the waters ahead.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. I hope you find value in my daily report.

 – Kevin Van Trump

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