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US Corn Farmers Contributed Nearly $62 Billion to 2023 GDP

Every year, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) analyzes US corn farming’s economic contributions to the US economy. In 2023, corn farming for grain generated an estimated $151 billion in total economic output, with an estimated contribution of $62 billion to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Those contributions extended across 524 different industry sectors in all 50 states. According to NCGA ...
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How To Pick The Perfect Watermelon

With all of the fresh watermelon hitting the market, I thought it would be good to review again a few tips about how to pick just the right one. A few of our readers happen to be some of the largest watermelon producers in the U.S. and have passed along a few inside tips through the years. I was certainly ...
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What You Need to Know About “Newcastle Disease” in Brazil

Brazil’s poultry industry was recently dealt a blow after Newcastle Disease (ND) was confirmed on a chicken farm in Rio Grande do Sul. Brazil has voluntarily suspended some exports of chickens and eggs as a result, though no other cases have been found.Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry has ruled out three other suspected cases and right now believes the outbreak is an ...
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Wheat “Goldmine” Collected Nearly a Century Ago Could Help Future Crops

Wheat is one of the most important crops in the world, accounting for some 20% of humanity’s calorie intake. Nearly 100 years ago, a little-known botanist named Arthur Watkins developed an obsession with wheat and set about collecting samples from across the globe. His collection, now held at the John Innes Centre in the UK, includes 827 varieties of wheat ...
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Thoughts About The Grain Markets & Current Investments with Professional Traders Andy Daniels and Special Guest Mark Bishop

Kevin Van Trump and Andy Daniels sit down with Mark Bishop to discuss current thoughts regarding the grain markets, option opportunities before harvest, updates on the rice market, what happens if we don't get a trade war if Trump is elected in November, down side risk on wheat, money circulation in the stock market, how many rate cuts we will ...
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100% Orange Juice May Soon Be a Thing of the Past

As “citrus greening” disease continues to devastate the global orange industry, prices are becoming untenable for juice producers. Concentrated orange juice futures prices on the Intercontinental Exchange climbed to an all-time high closing price of over $4.90 per pound at the end of May, after more than doubling over the past year. While prices have since pulled back a bit, ...
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Broke Bob’s Ag Equity Report: China-Pacific War

China-Pacific WarThis installment of Broke Bob’s Ag Equity Report takes the contrarian view to China/U.S. relations and considers what happens if business minds in the two countries prevail over war hawks to find working trade relations. In our next installment, we consider how a China-Pacific war would affect world trade and the agribusinesses that support it.Late last year in San ...
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AgTech Funding Continues to Dry Up

Investment in agtech continues to dry up in 2024, according to preliminary data from AgFunder. Agrifoodtech startups raised $7 billion across 427 deals in the first half of 2024, compared to the same timeframe in 2023, which saw $8 billion across 934 deals. However, funding varies widely across different segments, with some still drawing large investment while others have seen ...
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How Devastating are “Grasshoppers” to US Crop Production?

The USDA reports that there are nearly 400 grasshopper species that inhabit the Western United States, but only about 12 are considered pests. But those that are deemed pests, along with their close cousins the Mormon cricket, do significant damage to rangeland and crops in the Central and Western United States every year. “The biggest biomass consumers in the country ...
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How Charles Pillsbury Transformed the Wheat Industry

Most Americans are very familiar with the Pillsbury Company which has given us a host of iconic products, including the company's Classic Yellow Cake Mix, every flavor of pre-made frosting, and those addictive Crescent Rolls. Pillsbury's marketing efforts for its various brands also generated iconic characters like the Doughboy and Jolly Green Giant. The company itself is no longer around ...
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