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New Autonomous Tractors Coming to U.S. Market

AMOS, the acronym for Autonomous, Modular, Omni-Scalable, is a fully-electric autonomous tractor design recently unveiled by Amos Power. The tractor model started as a design-build project with the engineering and prototyping teams at One3 Design and Redshield Electronics with the aim of fitting tractor-quality power and capabilities onto a relatively small tractor frame. The results, the AMOS A3 and A4, ...
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The Strange History of Tomatoes… They Weren’t Always Popular!

Tomatoes are a reliable favorite among chefs and eaters alike. But up until the mid- to late-1800s, they were shunned by many Americans and Europeans due to a long-time belief that they were poisonous.The tomato is native to western South America and Central America. The English word tomato actually originates from the Aztec word for the fruit, tomatl. In 1519, ...
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Who Was Betty Crocker?

Betty Crocker might be one of the most trusted names in American kitchens. For nearly 75 years, cooks have consulted the red and white cookbooks bearing her name to answer all their basic culinary questions. Before that, home cooks tuned into her radio and then television shows seeking solutions to their kitchen dilemmas. Her name is on the country's most ...
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How About a NEW Use for Corn… Creating High-Performance Biopolymers

Biopolymers are literally everywhere, in products that we all use every day, and for good reason. They’re inexpensive, naturally produced and have uses in food, healthcare, personal care, the energy industry and more. But, despite these advantages, producing biopolymers at scale has long been challenging and limited their potential use in industry. A new company called "ExoPolymer" is applying modern strain ...
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The Cheeseburger Vending Machine!

We've seen the pizza and cupcake vending machines that give you toppings of your choice. But now we have the world's first robotic burger vending machine. The fully autonomous, RoboBurger can make a complete burger in 6 minutes from a machine that measures 12 square feet and only needs to plug into a 220 wall socket. Because the meat and ...
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NASA’s Earth Observatory Image Shows Two Decades of Global Cropland Expansion

NASA Earth Observatory recently featured research on global cropland expansion as its Image of the Day. The new mapping from the Global Land Analysis & Discovery Lab (GLAD) at the University of Maryland show changes between 2003 and 2019 and are based on imagery collected by Landsat satellites.According to the GLAD team analysis, the total land area covered by crops ...
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World’s Newest Seed Vault Holds the Largest Collection of Beans and Cassava

The world got a shiny new seed bank earlier this year that expands the global network, as well as technical capabilities of these critical gene repositories. The Future Seeds facility, located near Cali, Columbia, is touted as the largest gene bank for beans, cassava, and tropical forages in the world and has an impressive list of backers and partners, including ...
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Why We Still Don’t Have a Vaccine for Avian Influenza

As U.S. poultry losses from highly pathogenic avian influenza HPAI top more than +22 million, the urgent need for a vaccine is once again in focus. The USDA's chief veterinary officer recently said the agency is looking into possible options. Keep in mind, the last major avian flu outbreak in the U.S. ran from December 2014 to June 2015, when ...
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Bringing the Power of Designer Proteins to Mass Market Foods

Want to make a real difference in health and sustainability? Remove sugar from the equation. In fact, just a -1% decrease in worldwide sugar production would save +2.5 trillion liters of water, +6.5 million acres of arable land, and reduce healthcare spending on diet-related conditions by +$10 billion. But how? By replacing it with a sustainable, healthier option. You are invited ...
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Modern-Day Indiana Jones Found His Fortunes From the Sky

Thirty years after dropping out of college to chase meteorites across the globe, Michael Farmer, the son of a cattle rancher is calling it quits as he sends 84 pieces of his collection to Christie's Auction House to be sold tomorrow, April 6th. You can check out all the items up at auction HERE.Farmer’s obsession with rocks started as a ...
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