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My Two Cents… Investing in Our Farming Future

I hear so many in agriculture say, "This is how my daddy did it and how his daddy did it and this is how we are going to keep doing it..." I heard that a lot growing up at several farms in my area. As I've gotten older however I've come to learn that it takes a lot more than ...
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My Two Cents… Climate Changing, Gulf Stream Changing, Weather Changing

The Gulf Stream — one of Earth's major climate-regulating ocean currents — is now thought to be moving slower than it has in thousands of years, a new study suggests. Some are arguing the current could slow down to a point of no return, and in the process further alter and impact the climate on both sides of the Atlantic ...
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Mining Soil to Discover Next-Generation Ag Products

Disease, crop infestation and pollution are age-old threats to our world that are increasingly gaining more attention in the headlines. New solutions are now being created to better address these threats. Fortunately, many of the solutions can be found right beneath our feet, in the soil. A new company called Pluton Biosciences is using technology that is able to quickly ...
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How Soybeans Finally Became a Major Crop in America

U.S. farmers are expected to produce over 4 billion bushels of soybeans this season and next, putting it second after only corn among the country's biggest row crops. The "miracle crop," as it is sometimes called because of its many dynamic uses, traces back to Asia where there is evidence of domestication as early as 7000 BC in China. It ...
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U.S. Renewable Diesel Production is Racing Ahead of Biodiesel

U.S. production capacity for renewable diesel is set to explode over the next few years if the projects currently in the pipeline come to fruition. Based on announcements projects already under construction, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates renewable diesel capacity will reach 330,000 barrels per day by the end of 2024, up from just 38,000 barrels per day ...
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Jackson 4-44 Tractor Coming Up For Auction!!!

Chris Wathen, a famous tractor collector, will be holding an auction put on by Dimmet Auction Service in Evansville, Indiana on August 21st featuring a total of 24 tractors and different pieces of farm equipment. Wathen's collection includes everything from a 1981 Steiger Tiger III ST-470 to 1930's & 1940's Farmall tractors and even a 1950 International Harvester TD-6. Although ...
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Crop Dusting Turns 100-Years Old!

It was early-August, 1921 when John B. Macready flew a Curtiss JN-4 over catalpa trees near Troy, Ohio, killing 99% of the leaf caterpillars, saving the 5,000 trees with 175 pounds of lead arsenate pesticide. Crop dusting was actually developed under the joint efforts of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the U.S. Army Signal Corps' research station at McCook ...
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Two Decades After Breakthrough, the Philippines Could Be the First Country to Grow Golden Rice

Farmers in the Philippines might be the first in the world to grow "golden rice," a short-grained variety genetically modified to contain beta-carotene. It is intended to combat vitamin A deficiency, which is the leading cause of blindness in children worldwide. Half of these children die within a year of losing their sight. First developed over two decades ago, the ...
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RNA Tweak Creates Drought Tolerant Plants AND Can Help Increase Yields

Researchers used an animal gene linked to obesity in humans to create some "fat" plants that grew two times larger than normal with yields as much as 50% higher. As an added bonus, the plants also produced longer root systems, making them better able to withstand drought.In the lab, the RNA tweak allowed plants to grow three times as large ...
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Changing Trends in U.S. Corn Production Boost Productivity and Costs

Corn producers have undergone massive shifts in production practices in just the last couple of decades thanks to the introduction and adoption of GMO and precision ag technologies, as well as other impactful changes like farm consolidation and irrigation coverage. In the 20 year period from 1996 to 2018, corn accounted for over one-third of the planted acreage for the ...
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