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Chinese Researchers Claim Breakthrough on Making Animal Feed From Carbon Emissions

Researchers in China say they've perfected a process for making high-protein animal feed "out of nothing" that they claim can be used on an industrial scale. State media is hailing it as a breakthrough that could reduce the country's dependency on imported soybeans to feed its enormous livestock industry. The Chinese agricultural ministry supported the research and the government approved ...
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NEW Factory Producing “RNA-Based Solutions” for Agriculture… Interesting!

GreenLight Biosciences just christened its new production facility in Rochester, New York, where the biotech startup aims to mass-produce RNA and enzymes for use in pest-fighting crop products. The company, which focuses on RNA research, design, and manufacturing for human, animal, and plant health, says its proprietary technology can produce RNA more efficiently and cheaply than other companies. GreenLight launched ...
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Historic Turkey Track Ranch Hits the Market for $200 Million

Turkey Track Ranch, an 80,000 acre property owned and operated by the same family for over a century, is officially on the market. The Turkey Track Ranch was started around 1878, making it one of the first five ranches in the Texas Panhandle. Today, the ranch boasts 26 miles of Canadian River front, oil and natural gas resources, sacred battle ...
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CAMERA… Predictive Analytics for Ag Efficiency, Profitability and Risk Management!

Our good friend Ryan Moe over at StoneX is going to help us learn more about C.A.M.E.R.A. which is the Predictive Analytics software he and his team have developed to help producers understand their risk and optimize operational efficiency and profitability. Producers and Ranchers know the near-endless variables that go into every planting or production season. Fluctuating consumer demand, production capacity, ...
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Next-Gen Fertilizer Winners Highlight New Technologies and Products

Last summer, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) formed a partnership to advance sustainability in agriculture. The group introduced two challenges aimed at accelerating the development and use of existing and new product technologies that are affordable to reduce the environmental impacts of U.S. corn production. The first half of the two-part competition, ...
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Grain Bin Turned Into a Retirement Home

This came back across my desk the other day, I thought it was cool then and I think it's still extremely cool today. After inheriting about 250 acres of prairie land from her father, Kate Morris, put her long-held dream one day turning a grain storage bin into a home. Her property is located in Great Falls, Montana on which ...
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The “Chef Boyardee” Story

Born Ettore Hector Boiardi, Chef Boyardee was a real man and a real chef who passed on this day in 1985. For years many people in the food space claimed that “Boyardee” was a fictional character brainstormed by a combination of three top food company executives named Boyd, Art, and Dennis. But that was not the case, in fact, Boyardee's ...
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U.S. Corn Exporters Should Benefit from Brazil’s Short Supply 

U.S. corn export prospects in 2021/22 are looking a little brighter even as production in Brazil is set to witness a strong recovery. In its latest Supply and Demand estimates, the USDA lifted U.S. corn exports by +0.5 million tons to 63 million. That's a pretty dramatic reduction from 2020/21 exports pegged at nearly 70 million but still substantially higher ...
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Digital Hog Farm Management. Simplified.

Pork production is often a balancing act between animal welfare, productivity and sustainability. Farmers are motivated to reduce sow and piglet mortality to improve their yields, new techniques to boost facility productivity and to reduce the industry's carbon footprint through minimized energy use and reduced water and feed waste. A new company called "SwineTech" is providing a scalable, intuitive, and ...
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Greeneye Claims They Can Turn Any Tractor Into an AI-Powered Precision Sprayer

A new precision sprayer option is coming to America next year, courtesy of Israel-based Greeneye Technology. The new artificial intelligence-powered equipment, which attaches to existing machinery, promises to lower herbicide use while also increasing productivity and profitability. “Despite a concerted effort by the agriculture industry to develop precision spraying technologies, so far very few of these projects have moved beyond ...
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