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Ag News

“Fat” is All the Rage in US Dairy Industry

Fat may be a four-letter-word in dieting circles but it's all the rage in the diary industry. Average milkfat above 4% has become the new normal in recent years and increasing demand could push levels even higher than today's record levels.The fat found in milk, known as "butterfat," is what gives dairy products their creamy texture and rich taste. Butter, ...
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U.S. Soy Exports Add Billions to US Economy

US soybeans and products added +$39.8 billion to the US economy in marketing year (MY) 22/23, according to the US Soybean Export Council (USSEC). That includes the “shining star” of the soybean complex, soybean meal, which set new records for both volume and value.Despite persistent global challenges in 22/23, USSEC says the volume of U.S. whole soybean exports at 54.2 ...
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Americans Love Their Chicken Wings

Americans are expected to eat 1.45 billion chicken wings and drumsticks during Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday, according to the National Chicken Council (NCC). To provide some reference, 1.45 billion wings is enough for every man, woman, and child in the United States to eat four wings each, or enough to put 693 wings on every seat of every NFL ...
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Agriculture is Losing the Fight Against Weeds

Agriculture's war against weeds is not going great. For decades, herbicides like glyphosate were a farmer's best friend, keeping fields weed-free and crop yields high. However, over time, some weeds developed genetic mutations that allowed them to survive even heavy herbicide applications. These survivors thrived, reproducing and spreading their resistant genes, creating a new generation of "superweeds." Across America's farmlands, ...
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The Pessimist vs. The Cheerleader… Which One Are You?

When I first started to trade professionally, I remember an old trader telling me that the bears will most always sound smarter than the bulls. In fact, he told me that the bulls are often referred to as cheerleaders. I've thought about those comments many times through the years and have heard many veteran investors and traders confirm the same ...
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USDA Introduces Remote Beef-Grading Pilot That Uses Smartphones

As part of ongoing efforts to help small, independent processors and ranchers, the United States Department of Agriculture has begun a pilot program that allows users to grade beef remotely. Developed by the USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS), the agency says the "Remote Grading Pilot for Beef" (RGP Pilot) can dramatically reduce the overall cost of service for independent beef ...
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How Torc Robotics Aims to Put Fleets of AI-Powered Autonomous Trucks on the Road

After more than 15 years of developing its autonomous truck driving technology, Torc Robotics is finally laying out plans for market launch by 2027. The company has been working with major trucking companies to fine-tuning the technology that Torc CEO Peter Vaughan Schmidt says will enable fleets to transport freight “faster, safer, and at a lower cost” while also helping ...
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Farmers in Europe are Angry…and It’s Spreading

Anger among European farmers has been boiling over for months now, spreading from Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania, to the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Ireland. Protests in the form of tractor rallies, road blockades, cow marches, and scarecrow standoffs have been staged against what farmers view as excessive bureaucracy and unfair competition from Ukraine that has raised costs and squeezed farmer ...
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“LanzaJet” Opens World’s First Ethanol-to-SAF Plant in Georgia

Soperton, Georgia, is now home to the world's very first ethanol-to-sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production facility. The new LanzaJet Freedom Pines Fuels facility, which celebrated its grand opening on January 24, is projected to produce 10 million gallons of SAF and renewable diesel per year from ethanol. According to LanzaJet, the technology used at the facility will reduce greenhouse gas ...
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Limited Supply of Ag Land for Sale Should Help Market Remain Resilient in 2024

Farmers National Company (FNC) sees 2023's sharp increase in land values slowing in this year but expects the values built over the last three years will be maintained. That's despite increasing pressure from multiple factors, including declining commodity markets, rising interest rates, and inflation. FNC says despite the negative pressures, buyer demand remains strong for good quality cropland across the ...
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