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Ag News

Hoping to Improve the Search for Good “Farm Labor”

America's farm labor shortage is a persistent, long-running problem that most agree has no easy solution. Many operations have turned to the use of migrant farm labor, usually through the H-2A visa program that allows U.S. employers to bring foreign laborers in for temporary work. Since 1986 when the government began allowing for an uncapped number of temporary agricultural workers, ...
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Grain Weevil Robot Keeps Farmers Out of the Grain Bin

There is a lot happening in the agtech world these days with a steady stream of gadgets and gizmos always being introduced. The appeal from a startup standpoint is obvious, as agriculture has a lot of areas where technology can deliver real and certifiable results that farmers can be convinced to pay for. I can't think of any possible result ...
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Cellular Meat Trying to Scale and Moves Closer to Reality

Cellular meat has been on the ag industry's radar for several years now as the burgeoning technology makes steady advances. Those achievements can sometimes be a little exaggerated by the media, which seems to adore the story of cellular agriculture. The headlines always make it sound like lab-grown steak is en route to your local grocery store, only to find ...
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Could We See a Wide-Spread Drought?

There are some in the ag world that worry a significant drought could be lurking. Over half the Lower 48 is looking at varying levels of drought stretching from the Pacific Northwest down to Texas and across the High Plains and Upper Midwest. As of late, there has been some much-needed moisture in many locations but many areas are also ...
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Engineering Our Way to Stronger Crops and Improved Yields!

Meeting the growing demand for high-quality, low-cost food has many farmers along with their seed company suppliers turning to genetic engineering to substantially increase food production as well as storage efficiency. A company called "Agribody Technologies" has a new solution that is gaining some attention.Agribody Technologies is using genome editing to lead the crop development revolution by licensing and co-developing ...
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Massive Wave of Cicada Coming Our Direction!

Bad news for folks that were looking forward to some peaceful summer evenings hanging out on the porch. Billions of cicadas will soon be emerging from a 17-year stint underground, filling the skies and trees and quiet nights across a sizeable chunk of the U.S. Michael Schauff of the Agricultural Research Service says the cicada explosion this year will start ...
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The Impact of Absent Landowners on the Health of U.S. Agriculture 

USDA recently published a study analyzing the impact of absent farm landlords on the long-term economic and agricultural health for the 25 most important farm States by cash receipts. Interestingly, the study finds a greater prevalence of absent landlords is associated with lower rental rates and land values at the State level, but there appears to be no correlation with ...
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U.S. Sorghum Industry Looking for a Big Year!

Sorghum growers have a lot to smile about these days with some of the strongest export demand in years lifting both profits and expectations. Demand for sorghum is growing here at home too, as the grains natural traits make it a perfect fit with some of the leading consumer trends. Or as Nate Blum of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board ...
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Group Partners with Midwest Biorefiners on World’s Largest Carbon Capture and Storage Project

Summit Agricultural Group has launched an interesting new business that is partnering with Midwest biorefiners to develop a novel carbon capture and storage project. The $2 billion plan includes a pipeline that would carry carbon captured at ethanol plants throughout the Midwest to a site in North Dakota. According to the company, it would be the largest such project in ...
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“Certified Hemp Seed”… Breeding the Highest Quality and Most Reliable

Hemp isn’t like other crops. Both hemp seed and clone quality can vary widely, significantly impacting production. Getting seed that is clean and has a high germination percentage has been challenging in this industry. New West Genetics believes they provide the highest quality, most reliable proprietary hemp seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production. Its technology ...
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