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Fatherless College Dropout Turns Farm Debt into Fertilizer Dynasty

Sir John Bennet Lawes, an English agronomist and founder of the artificial fertilizer industry died this day in 1900, but not before he would forever change how we grow our crops. Lawes found himself fatherless at the age of 8 and the responsibility of the 250-acre family farm left in the hands of just himself and his mother. The two ...
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Spotted Lanternfly Moving Across Country… What You Need to be Looking For

State agriculture departments across the country are urging people to show no mercy if they encounter a spotted lanternfly. The invasive species sucks the life from trees and crops while leaving behind a nasty residue that encourages the growth of sooty mold. Native to China, India, and Vietnam, the spotted lanternfly was first detected in Pennsylvania in 2014 and has ...
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What You Might Not Know About NASA’s Landsat Project and Agriculture

NASA's Landsat program has been responsible for some amazing imagery of our tiny little planet along with an unparalleled data archive. It is the longest-running continuous space-based record of Earth in existence. For over 40 years, the Landsat program has collected spectral information from Earth’s surface, creating a historical archive unmatched in quality, detail, coverage, and length. The program's more ...
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Unlocking the Land’s Natural Potential

We’ve all heard the warnings. Crop production needs to increase +70% by 2050 just to keep up with population growth. Available arable land has been decreasing worldwide since the 1960s. And at the same time, we are being forced to change our practices and scale back in many areas because of climate change. That’s the bad news. The good news ...
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Potato Chips Anniversary and the Great Potato Story

Last week America celebrated National Potato day and many historians will agree that today is the anniversary of the invention of the "potato chip", which took place in 1853 at the Moon’s Lake House on Saratoga Lake in New York thanks to chef George Crum and a disgruntled customer.Interestingly the story really begins in France with the adoption of the ...
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Farm Tech Attracting More Attention From Venture Capital

Venture capital has been funneling a lot of money into the agriculture and food technology space, thanks in part to the pandemic which highlighted existing fragilities in the global food supply chain. Some of the biggest fundraising buzz has centered around alternative proteins but the number shows that "farm tech", aka technologies for farmers, is even more popular with investors ...
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Global Canola Market Faces Serious Supply Deficit

Canola markets face serious supply issues ahead with the crop in Canada taking a devastating hit from this year's drought. Coupled with lowered output in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, production increases elsewhere won't be enough to offset the losses. Canada's production hit is particularly significant for the global export market, as the country accounts for about two-thirds of total global exports ...
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Have You Ever Heard of Samuel Leeds Allen?

Samuel Leeds Allen was the founder of S.L. Allen & Company in Philadelphia. He was the inventor of, and his company manufactured, both the Flexible Flyer sled and Planet Jr farm and garden equipment. For over one hundred years these products were the best selling and most famous American sleds and market gardening tools. During his lifetime and for the ...
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NEW Company Has Learned to Snatch Nitrogen Out the Air for Plant Use

A major component of modern agriculture is synthetic fertilizers, which have largely contributed to the huge improvements in crop yields over the last several decades. However, these products come at a cost. Nitrogenous fertilizer production accounts for approximately 2% of global energy consumption and can have significant negative long-term impacts on soil health and plant microbes worldwide.Intrinsyx Bio is a ...
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The Famous Ranches of Hollywood’s “Old West” Heyday

Ever wonder where your favorite Western film or television show was filmed? The answer is probably one of the dozens of ranches that Hollywood has regularly used since the dawn of the film era. These "movie ranches" first popped up within a 30 mile area around early Hollywood, with studios purchases large tracts of still mostly rural Southern California starting ...
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