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Ag Intelligence for Smart Water Management

Water is one of the most important crop inputs on the farm, and for some it can be one of the most expensive. Currently farms pay on average about $41 per acre for irrigation. But that figure jumps to over +$70 per acre in drier areas like California. Clearly, efficient irrigation systems and water management practices are needed to help ...
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More U.S. Competition… Land Market Reforms Giving Ukraine More Agricultural Potential

Ukraine has been a growing player in the international grains market for over a decade now. Once known as the "breadbasket of Russia," many argue that the country has never truly lived up to its full agricultural potential. That's largely thanks to lingering Soviet-era policies that have severely limited investment in the sector, despite the country being free of communist ...
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Thinking A Bit Differently About Today’s Markets with Professional Traders Andy Daniels and Special Guest Dave Parker

Big markets can make big moves so we thought it was time to circle the wagons with some experienced traders and hear their perspective on where we are headed and how to best play the opportunity as a spec and a producer. Enjoy the fireside chat!  David Parker, Professional Trader at Olam - David is a graduate of Harvard University and a ...
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From Farm Boy to Eagle Scout to the Richest Man in the World!

It was early-July in 1962 that a store called Walmart opened in Rogers, Arkansas. It was the vision of a hard-working rural Midwestern kid named Sam Walton. Sam was born in Oklahoma on a small farm. At around 5 years of age his family moved to Missouri. While attending eighth grade in Shelbina, Missouri, Sam became the youngest Eagle Scout ...
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How NASA Funds New Food Technologies Used on Earth

Somewhat surprisingly, NASA has played a big role in the development of many new food technologies that have emerged. Any long-term space mission that the agency hopes to conduct needs a way of producing food as transporting enough packaged food to sustain astronauts just isn't practical. And obviously, food production will be a necessary capability if humans are going to ...
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NEW AgTech Helping Producers Boost Yield and Save Water

You do the math... data shows we are already using 70% of the global freshwater supply for ag irrigation, yet there are still an estimated 800 million chronically undernourished people in the world today. In other words, the world needs more freshwater to help maximize crop yield, but at the same time we need to save water and other scarce ...
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NEW Pollen-Mimicking “Antidote” Helping to Protect Bees

Nearly 85% of the food that humans produce requires the help of a pollinator. One of the hardest working insects in this group is the bee, which pollinates an estimated 1 in 3 bites of food we eat. However, we have all seen the studies and data that indicate more than half of these essential creatures in North America are ...
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Better Meat Co. Unveils Secret Protein Fermentation Project

The Better Meat Co. has been providing plant-based proteins to alternative meat and poultry companies for several years now. Most notably, Perdue Farms uses the company's protein formulas in its Chicken Plus line of nuggets, tenders, and patties, which are sold in over 7,000 grocery stores. They are just one of many partnerships the Better Meat Co. has established since ...
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Be On the Lookout for One of North America’s Deadliest Plants

One of North America's most toxic plants, poison hemlock, is currently blooming in areas across the United States where the plant has taken up residency. The weed is part of the parsley family and is most easily recognizable by its finely divided leaves that look very similar to wild carrot, aka Queen Anne's lace. Unlike wild carrot, however, which is ...
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Investing in Farmland. Simplified! Diversify Your Portfolio While Supporting the American Farmer

Land is one of the oldest investment classes in existence, producing enormous wealth over generations. In the U.S. farmland represents an attractive, long-term investment while providing significant relative capital preservation during times of economic turmoil. Alongside a rapidly growing global population and demand for food, farmland offers a truly diversified investment opportunity with attractive long-term returns.A company called AcreTrader is ...
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