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Australian Startup Developing Novel New Pesticides from Silica

Insects are an all-year threat to crops, both in the field and in the bin. While a lot of attention is given to control measures used during the growing season, stored grain is equally at risk. Australian startup Davren Global is developing a novel grain protectant method utilizing a type of silica to create a non-toxic dust that is lethal ...
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Argentina’s “Genetically Modified Wheat” Plans Could Shift Global Trade Flows

Wheat importers are counting on a rebound in production in 21/22 to help ease skyrocketing prices but weather obviously remains a huge wild card. Another potential snag in the outlook for increased supplies is Argentina, which some worry could face export restrictions on its wheat. Argentina last year became the first country in the world to approve the cultivation of ...
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Budweiser Adds a New Clydesdale Foal and Some Facts You Might Not Know About the World-Famous Horses

Budweiser has added a new member to its family of Clydesdales. The new foal named "Eminem" was born September 14 at Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville, Missouri. While the name is spelled just like the Detroit rapper, it actually stems from the first initials of the foal's parents' names - mother, Marcie, and father, Miles. It's too soon to say ...
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Rain Didn’t Follow the Plow

On this day in 1933, the first giant dust storm, dubbed "The Great Black Blizzard" began rolling across the Great Plains. Most Americans are familiar with the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s, but the story of how we got there is rather interesting. It really begins back in the ealry-1800s when explorer and map-maker Stephen Long labeled everything west ...
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Dairy Farmers Are Taking Poop to the Bank

Remember that old saying, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade? That’s exactly what dairy farmers and researchers around the country are doing as they hunt for ways to monetize poop. Entrepreneurial dairy farmers, with an assist from anaerobic digesters, are finding ways to transform manure into money while also solving some climate concerns. Manure may not yet be creating ...
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Bourbon Whiskey First Distilled from Corn

It was around this day back in 1785 that a Baptist teacher and preacher named Elijah Craig founded a distillery in Kentucky using corn to make whiskey. Craig has sometimes been claimed to have been the first to age the whiskey in charred oak casks, "a process that gives the bourbon its brownish color and unique taste". Many historians argue ...
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Latest NASA Research Suggests Climate Change May Cause Big Crop Production Problems

Bloomberg ran an article last week titled, "Climate Change Will Cut Corn Yields by a Quarter by 2030, NASA Says". The article was circulating around the trade and catching a lot of attention, so I thought we should take a deeper look. Whatever side of the aisle you sit on in the climate change debate, it is tough to deny ...
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I’ve Eaten a Turducken but What the Heck is Tofurky with Algae?

Many of my rural friends have had "turducken" and it's damn good, especially around Thanksgiving time. For those who don't "turducken" is simply a deboned chicken stuffed into a deboned duck, which is then stuffed into a partially deboned turkey. Each layer is traditionally separated with stuffing or sausage, creating a layered effect when the bird is sliced after roasting ...
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Corn Has Overtaken Soybeans to Become Argentina’s Top Crop

Argentine  farmers are set to produce a record corn crop in 2021-22, with the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service's Buenos Aires Post pegging production +1.5 million more than the USDA's official estimate. The record-setting corn crop will partially be at the expense of soybeans as several factors make the oilseed less attractive to Argentine farmers. New export taxes set at 33% ...
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Glimpse into the Regenerative Future of Food

Sustainable farming is about more than just minimizing the impact on the environment. Taking care of the land to cultivate healthy soil and expand biodiversity results in the natural capturing of carbon, which helps to fight climate change while also contributing to better tasting and healthier food. "Cooks Venture" is a new company building an alternative to America’s meat industry, ...
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