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Ag News

What is “Molecular Farming”…and Some Companies to Watch

One of the buzzy trends in venture capital circles right now is so-called "molecular farming." The technology has most recently been in the spotlight thanks to the Nasdaq debut of Moolec Science (MLEC), which describes itself as a "pioneer" of molecular farming. In its simplest form, the technology harnesses the production power of plants to make specific substances or compounds ...
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Living Carbon’s “Super Trees” Grow Faster, Capture More Carbon, and Earn Money for Landowners

When it comes to capturing carbon in the atmosphere, few things in this world are more efficient - let alone "green" - than trees. A biotechnology firm called "Living Carbon" believes that supercharging trees to grow faster and store more carbon could be a powerful nature-based solution to reducing CO2 levels. As most likely recall from basic biology class, trees ...
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Will Brazil Replace the US as the World’s Biggest Corn Supplier?

Brazil is threatening to dethrone the US as the world's biggest corn supplier with most analysts still predicting a monster crop despite recent weather setbacks. Importantly, soybean harvest has been slow due to rainy conditions, which has delayed planting of the country's second-season corn crop. This in turn could mean a significant portion of the second crop gets planted outside ...
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Will Russia’s War in Ukraine Leave a “Toxic Legacy” in the Soil?

Ukraine is often described as the "breadbasket of Europe" thanks to its high-quality soils and significant agricultural output. The country has close to 104 million acres of agricultural land, of which more than 75% is typically cultivated, making it one of the most highly cultivated countries in the world. Russia's invasion has inflicted a devastating human toll and created numerous ...
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Wild Idea to Pump Mississippi River Water West…What You Need to Know

Water shortages in the West are reaching crisis levels in some areas as the Colorado River Basin continues to suffer under the most severe drought in centuries. The so-called "megadrought" over the last 23 years has depleted water supplies in the region's two largest reservoirs - lakes Mead and Powell - to the point that experts don't believe they will ...
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Thinking About How “Frozen Foods” Entered the Marketplace… Interesting for All

It was on this day March 6, 1930, in Springfield, Massachusetts, that Marjorie Post, the owner of General Foods introduced twenty-seven frozen food items, including steak, lamb, ham sausage, peas, spinach, cherries, raspberries, fish, and oysters under the name "Birds Eye Frosted Foods: A Little Short of Magic." Post's sales pitch was this: "Imagine having whatever food you want, out-of-season, ...
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NEW ‘Mega Ranch’ Turning Mushroom Roots Into Meat

Meati is a new ag company that built a sprawling new factory that can turn tens of millions of pounds of mushroom roots into chicken and steak. The company was started by Tyler Higgins who grew up in rural Montana, and his parents now raise grass-fed bison in Nebraska, so most thought Tyler would have gone into a more traditional ...
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Google’s New Ag Business “Mineral” Wants to Help Make Sense of Farm Data

Google has officially launched its new agtech business, Mineral, which has spent the last five years in "stealth mode" within the company's so-called "moonshot factory," aka Google X. According to Mineral, the company in that time has analyzed over 10% of the Earth's total farmland, modeled more than 200 plant traits, phenotyped 17 crop varieties, and developed more than 80 ...
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Highly Intelligent “Super Pigs” Are Wreaking More Havoc

A special breed of hybrid super pigs from Canada has started to travel south into the northern United States. The pigs pose a threat to native wildlife and may prove tough to eradicate. The spread of the pigs has only increased in recent years. According to Dr. Ryan Brook, who leads the University of Saskatchewan’s Canadian Wild Pig Research Project, ...
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Looking for a fun Family Trip… World’s Largest Livestock Exhibit and Rodeo!

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, or what Texans call "RodeoHouston", kicks off today and runs for the next three weeks ending on March 19th. This happens to be the largest livestock exhibition and rodeo in the world. It also hosts one of the richest regular-season professional rodeo events with a purse of over +$2 million. Those that go to the ...
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