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China’s Pork Industry Still Under African Swine Fever Cloud

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service staff in Beijing recently released a report detailing some of their observations from the China Feed Industry Expo and Conference, held earlier this year in mid-April. FAS reports that African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreaks were a hot topic, with several reports of the disease gaining a stronger foothold in northern provinces. I've summarized the key takeaways ...
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Soybean Oil in the Driver’s Seat as Biodiesel Demand Explodes

Interesting changes are happening in the soybean market with soybean oil for biofuels being a huge driver of overall demand. According to the most recent update from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, since the beginning of the marketing year (October 2020), soybean oil prices in Decatur, Illinois, have more than doubled. Soybean oil’s share of gross crush ...
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Challenging Ourselves… The Amazing Life of Barney Lancelot Ford!

I recently ran across the most incredible story about a man named Barney L. Ford, an escaped slave who became one of the wealthiest men in the American West. Ford's story is filled with a crushing number of obstacles that would surely break most people. He not only overcame slavery and a lifetime of discrimination, but also war, fire, swindlers, ...
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Traditional Meat Companies Increasing Stakes in Alternative Products

Consumers have easily embraced plant-based meat alternatives, with promises like "sustainability" and "eco-friendly" striking a chord with many. The trend doesn't look like it's going anywhere either, and the world's largest meat companies have definitely taken notice. The biggest U.S. meat conglomerates have all positioned themselves to take advantage of the alternative protein business, which is forecast to grow to ...
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On My Investment Radar… Company Eliminating Illness-Causing Food Pathogens

As much as 25% of the world’s grain production is lost annually in the post-harvest supply chain due to spoilage and mycotoxin contamination. This is not only a massive financial loss for farmers but also a challenge for businesses and global governments who are now more than ever looking to improve food security. A company called "NanoGuard" has created a ...
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VIRTUAL Livestock Fencing System Coming to Market

New Zealand-based agtech company Vence is ramping up the roll-out of its virtual fencing system, armed with a $12 million cash injection from its latest funding round. The company utilizes hi-tech ear tags, collars, and other technology to control the movement of grazing livestock, while also keeping tabs on the well-being of the animals. And it's all done via an ...
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10 Most “Game-Changing” People In Ag

Indiana farmer and well-known “Ag-vocate” Brian Scott, who does a lot of work with trying to bring the farmer and consumers together on topics of debate, once shared his collection of the most Game-Changing people in agriculture. Reading and reviewing the list makes me wonder what and who comes next? Will have something to do with water, seed, soil, livestock, ...
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Happy Birthday, USDA!

Tomorrow will mark the 159th anniversary of the United States Department of Agriculture, which President Abraham Lincoln called "the people's department." Lincoln signed the bill to establish the independent agency on May 15, 1862, with a stated mission to "acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected to agriculture."At the time, the ...
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Water Battles Brewing as “Megadrought” Deepens

There have only been four times in the history of the drought monitor that we have seen more than 40% U.S. drought coverage as we come into early May, The current U.S. drought coverage is 46.6% of the lower 48 states in drought! The Southwest seems to be the worst affected and water shortages are brewing... in fact, the region may ...
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Building a Digital-First Grain Supply Chain

Agricultural supply chains are very complex and have long suffered from a lack of transparency and trust between participants. In a trading environment like grain where margins are razor-thin, this roadblock not only slows things down but can cost farmers real income where it matters most. A company called "AgriDigital" is now leveraging blockchain technology to create digital trust across the ...
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