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How Atlee Burpee Parlayed Mom’s $1K Into Seed Empire

In 1876, 18-year-old W. Atlee Burpee, visited the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia and gravitated to the halls dedicated to agriculture and horticulture, where he would make a decision that would change American gardens forever. Born on this day in 1858 to a well-established family in Philadelphia, where his father and grandfather were prominent physicians, Burpee had a passion for devising ...
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Benson Hill is Now an Ingredient Maker

Benson Hill has made a name for itself via its innovative crop development technology and products like its ultra-high-protein soybeans. Now, the food technology company has launched its own line of plant-based protein ingredients under the brand TruVail. The initial lineup of TruVail ingredients includes high-protein soy flour, soy protein concentrate, and texturized proteins for use in traditional soy protein ...
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Checking in on Brazil’s Safrinha Corn Crop

Global corn supplies face a high degree of uncertainty following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which is responsible for around 17% of the world's exports. With Ukraine's remaining corn exports for this season in question and a likely substantial reduction in plantings later this spring, there is an increasing amount of attention on Brazil's second corn crop.Known as "safrinha" corn, the ...
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VC’s Pump Record $51B+ Into Agrifoodtech in 2021

Alternative investments are no doubt appealing when global markets are in flux, but an investment in agrifoodtech is also an investment in helping to secure our future and one of our most basic human needs. Year over year, Venture Capital (VCs) threw +85% more money at the sector than they did in 2020, totaling $51.7B. The team at Agfunder recently ...
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FAPRI Outlook Highlights Uncertainty for Global Ag Markets

The University of Missouri Food and Agricultural Policy Institute (FAPRI) just released its Agricultural Markets Outlook. FAPRI uses their models to develop a range of projected market outcomes that consider major sources of uncertainty about future supply and demand conditions. This year's projections were based on market information in January 2022, which was before Russia's invasion of Ukraine and further ...
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Ag Census 2022 – Make Sure You Are Counted!

Every five years, the United States Department of Agriculture conducts one of the most consequential studies for American farmers - the Census of Agriculture. While USDA won't begin collecting the data until November, there are some steps ag producers need to take not to ensure they are included in the final results. Below is more information about the Ag Census, ...
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Levi’s and McDonald’s Bid Farewell to Russia

Levi's iconic 501 jeans were one of the most highly coveted symbols of dissent in Russia during the Soviet era. And as the USSR began to crumble, McDonald's served as a powerful symbol of integration with the West when the company became the country's first American fast-food restaurant. As both countries now head for the exits, a look back at their ...
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A New Kind of Agriculture at the World’s First Indoor Vertical Saltwater Farm

Thousands of years after it was first introduced, traditional agriculture is seeing some big changes as it tries to overcome years of chemical fertilizer reliance, and in some cases a negative impact on ecosystems. At the same time, the oceans are offering an alternative opportunity to grow food in new ways without many of the downsides of traditional farming. You are ...
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NOAA’s Revised Spring Outlook for Drought and Flooding

NOAA recently released their revised U.S. Spring Outlook and for the second year in a row forecasters predict prolonged persistent drought in the West with below-average precipitation most likely. NOAA is also forecasting above-average temperatures for most of the U.S. from April to June. With nearly 60% of the continental U.S. experiencing minor to exceptional drought conditions, this is the ...
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Thinking About “National Ag Day”!

Today we celebrate "National Ag Day"... With the battle taking place in Ukraine it's a great time to remember just how important our producers our to our nation's food security. It was back in 1973 when the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) created this day to increase the public's awareness of the vital role of the farmer. It's amazing when ...
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