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A Deeper Look at Argentina’s 2020-21 Soybean Crop Prospects

Argentina's 2020-21 soybean crop continues to be debated. The USDA lowered their estimate slightly from 48.0 down to 47.5 MMTs in yesterday's March update. But this is still more optimistic than the Buenos Aires Grains Exchange, which currently pegs total soybean production at 46 MMTs. The latest crop condition ratings show only 15% of the country's soybeans rated in good/excellent ...
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If You Are Running Irrigation… You Need This 24/7 Agronomist!

For the past two years, I have been working with the good folks at "Autonomous Pivot". I like to call them my farming friends from Israel! I first met the group when they traveled to the U.S. to visit with our investment group at iSelect. The Autonomous Pivot ag-tech startup became part of the iSelect portfolio and that meant I ...
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How a Humble Farm Wife Became One of the Most Successful Artists of the 20th Century

Anna Mary Robertson Moses took the art world by storm in 1940 when her one-woman show of 35 paintings was held in New York. Her scenes of bucolic rural American life would go on to be featured in more than 160 exhibitions in the U.S. and Europe by the early 1950s, sparking a frenzied interest in what is now labeled ...
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New Sciences, New Regulations, and New Crops

Genetically modified products remain a controversial issue here at home and in other countries across the globe. These concerns and mass media hype have stifled progress on many fronts especially in agriculture. However, some significant developments within technology and regulations are starting to pave the way for a lot of exciting things ahead, including new wheat varieties. Starting with regulations, the ...
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These Entrepreneurs Think It’s Time for a U.S. Tea Industry

Americans drink close to 4 billion gallons of tea a year, yet finding U.S.-grown tea is a serious challenge as it's an incredibly rare thing to find. In fact, there are only about 60 tea farms in all of the U.S., though it can be grown just about anywhere. This was something that surprised Thomas Steinwinder, who runs the Longleaf ...
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Producing a Low Carbon Intensity Crop on Unused Land Over Winter

Cover crops have traditionally been used in agriculture to slow erosion, improve soil health, enhance water availability, and help control pests that might otherwise interfere with the actual crops that are being grown there for harvest. They’re planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested. But what if cover crops can do more? What if ...
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When Life Hands You Locusts…Make Feed and Fertilizer!

Kenya is once again in the midst of a massive dessert locust plague just months after battling another invasion that left farmers reeling from massive crop losses. With a new generation of the voracious insect threatening livelihoods and food security, agtech startup The Bug Picture is helping Kenyan farmers harvest the locusts and turn them into animal feed and fertilizer ...
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Will China Meet USDA’s Lofty Ag Import Goals in 2021?

U.S. agricultural exports in 2021 are forecast to reach $157 billion, driven by record shipments to China that are expected to hit $31.5 billion. The estimate for the fiscal year ending September 30 would mark a new record for U.S. ag shipments and is +$5 billion higher than USDA's November forecast. USDA says the hike was largely due to higher ...
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Number of U.S. Farms Continue to Decline

The number of farms in the United States in 2020 was estimated at 2,019,000, a decline of -4,000 from 2019. That compares to a decline of -5,800 the year before that and -12,800 the year before that. So the good news is this was the smallest decline in total U.S. farms since 2010 when the number actually climbed by about ...
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Uncle Jimmy and the Treasure He Left Behind

James Micioni was an avid collector of baseball cards and memorabilia. He never married, never had kids lived a modest life as a factory worker and high school janitor. He loved sports, he loved baseball, and particularly loved his New York Yankees. He also loved his seven nephews and nieces, who always knew he was somewhat of a sports collector ...
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