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If You Want to Learn More About “Vertical Farming” Attend This Webinar

In agriculture, optimizing crop yield is one thing. Doing so at scale is something else. But, as the global population continues to grow, communities are looking for new ways to expand food production and more people are showing interest in vertical farming. But the big question is can and how will it be done at scale?

“Urla Digital Agriculture” is working to revolutionize the controlled environment vertical farming industry by digitizing agriculture and incorporating biology, genetics, computer sciences, and electronics in the process. Leveraging IoT-backed sensors, its indoor farms are capable of scaling up production through automated nutrition delivery, variable controls, harvest timing, and early disease detection controlled by its AI architecture supported by machine learning and vision.

I think this might even be a good webinar for the traditional producer to attend as there could be conversation and technology discussed that can be crossed over and shared to spark new ideas and thoughts regarding ways to better scale the conventional farm. I’m also curious to learn more about some of our newest competitors and their longer-term objectives.  

You are invited to attend a webinar we are co-hosting titled, “A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Scaling Vertical Farm Production”. The webinar is going to be held Thursday, June 23 at 3:00 pm CST with Okan Alper, founder of Urla Digital Agriculture. 

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