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How About a NEW Use for Corn… Creating High-Performance Biopolymers

Biopolymers are literally everywhere, in products that we all use every day, and for good reason. They’re inexpensive, naturally produced and have uses in food, healthcare, personal care, the energy industry and more. But, despite these advantages, producing biopolymers at scale has long been challenging and limited their potential use in industry.

 A new company called “ExoPolymer” is applying modern strain engineering, synthetic biology, and fermentation to produce a completely novel and highly upgraded portfolio of biopolymer products. Interestingly, ExoPolymer was chosen as one of three winners of the “Consider Corn Challenge” hosted by the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) as a company with a unique technology to improve a product or process using field corn to produce biobased materials.

 “Corn is a sustainable, abundant and affordable industrial feedstock that, as these companies have demonstrated, has myriad uses,” said Director of Market Development Sarah McKay. “The winners of the Consider Corn Challenge will help America’s corn farmers partner with industry to establish new uses of corn. This challenge continues to highlight the fact that U.S. corn is an extremely flexible feedstock for biobased products.”

ExoPolymer’s proprietary strains convert commercially relevant feedstocks via an advantaged fermentation process into valuable biopolymer products at high yields, and the company controls the entire process, from strain modification to performance and application testing of final products. ExoPolymer’s goal is to be the world’s leader in the design and production of next-generation, tailored biopolymers that are more cost-effective and consistent. 

You are invited to attend our co-hosted webinar… “Creating High-Performance Biopolymers to Support the Future of Healthcare, Food and More” to be held Thursday, April 21 at 3:00 pm CST with Derek Wells, founder and CEO of ExoPolymer. Prior to founding ExoPolymer, Dr. Wells served as CTO at Antheia, Inc., and was a senior scientist at DuPont Industrial Biosciences. He is an inventor on 24 issued US patents. Dr. Wells received a BS in Plant Genetics from UC Berkeley, a PhD in Biological Sciences from Stanford University, and a postdoctoral at UCSF. 

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