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The Cheeseburger Vending Machine!

We’ve seen the pizza and cupcake vending machines that give you toppings of your choice. But now we have the world’s first robotic burger vending machine. The fully autonomous, RoboBurger can make a complete burger in 6 minutes from a machine that measures 12 square feet and only needs to plug into a 220 wall socket. Because the meat and buns are prepackaged, the only time a human gets involved with the operation is when they come out every couple of days to restock and empty the wastewater which comes from the 30-second cleaning cycle the machine conducts between each burger served.

Despite the constraints of a vending machine, RoboBurger has created a five-step process that is very similar to real chefs making the burger. First, the machine grills the patty, then toasts the bun, dispenses the customer’s selected condiments, assembles the burger, and delivers the food.  RoboBurger’s patties currently consist of 100% grass and vegetarian-fed Angus Beef and the company sources artisanal buns from local bakers. You can pay for the burgers using either Apple Pay or Google Pay for $6.99.

It seems clear the company is going after the higher-end younger foodie. RoboBurger CEO Audley Wilson said he started the project 17 years ago in his garage when he and his team dreamt that one day students would have access to hot, fresh, and affordable meals even at 2:00 AM. And that travelers would never again be forced into eating a cold overpriced sandwich in an airport late at night. And that busy employees would never have to eat a vending machine candy bar or a bag of chips as a meal replacement.

From what I understand, the first unit has been installed in the Newport Center mall in New Jersey, but the company plans to expand to airports, colleges, offices, factories, and military bases across New York very soon.

Interestingly, on a historical note, the choices contained within a vending machine weren’t always as predictable as the candy bars, chips and beverages we usually encounter today. In the early- to mid-20th century, vending machines in the United States and Europe actually dispensed mny different treats and trinkets. In fact, Americans in the ‘40s could get a fully cooked hot dog from a vending machine known as a “Speedy Weeny,” and machines in the United Kingdom dispensed hearty meals such as potatoes and eggs, in the 1960s. 

Assuming we ever get to post-pandemic, or that we have forever changed some of our habits, I can definitely see highly trafficked public spaces as well as restaurants and hotels benefiting from these robots. Clearly, technology is working to shrink and streamline the workspace while maintaining its functionality and catering to the human desire for greater convenience and speed, especially when on the move. I suspect eventually we will have human interaction completely trimmed out of the equation. From what I can see, it’s not only burger flippers but even doctors who are being replaced in some capacity by new technology. Scary to think where all of this ultimately ends… You can watch a short two-minute video showing how the RobotBurger works by Clicking HERE (Source:,,

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