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Learning More About Cell-Cultured Proteins

Currently, 36% of global crop yield is consumed as animal feed and nearly 70% of all arable land is used for animal agriculture. The trouble is, the livestock industry is now being targeted in the media as doing major damage to our planet. This is further opening the door to meat and protein alternatives. 

Whether you agree or disagree with the politics and media behind the targeted campaigns that are in play, it’s my opinion that we need to better understand and learn more about what is being said and what is coming our way. 

A new company called IntegriCulture is using the latest cell culture technology to address these environmental concerns as well as expanding it into new industries. From what I understand, IntegriCulture is a cellular agriculture company that is developing cell-based meat as a sustainable protein alternative. Its low-cost, cell culture technology, CulNet System, is a new platform designed to expand the reach of cell-culturing into foods and leather made from animal cells. The system mimics the intercellular interactions environment present in animals and, in theory, can be used to culture multiple types of animal cells at scale and at low cost.

You are invited to attend a webinar we are co-hosting titled, “Thinking Beyond the Dinner Table for Cell-Cultured Proteins”.  The webinar is being held today, Thursday, December 2n at 3:00 pm CST with Yuki Hanyu, Founder and CEO of IntegriCulture. Register HERE

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