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We are very close to Sold Out! This is going to be our best conference ever and I am extremely excited to kickoff the New Year with lots of friends and great thinkers from inside our industry. 

Like I always say, it’s tough to gain different perspectives from within my own office or our own backyard. This is a great event to bring some people on your team and challenge your thoughts for the new year.  Below are some of the highlights our guest will enjoy…

Wednesday January 5th & Thursday January 6th 
Macro Overview and Marketing Panel… Where Are We Headed?  During this session, KVT and his special guest will set the tone and discuss the current macro landscape and how they see things playing out in 2022. This panel will also discuss and debate where crop prices are headed. The audience can ask questions and the panelist can argue and debate topics such as inflation, interest rates, supply chain complications, the stock market, precious metals, crypto’s, and of course future price forecasts for agricultural commodities. This is certainly one you don’t want to miss as we believe it will set the tone and provide multiple perspectives. This panel is full of some of the best traders, ag markets, transportation experts, and and thinkers I know. Hopefully we can sniff out or perhaps uncover hints about the next big Black Swan event…  

Special Speaker – Vern Harnishnow chairs the “Birthing of Giants” leadership program at the MIT and the MIT/WEO Advanced Business Program for entrepreneurs over 40. He has been called one of the “Top 10 Minds in Small Business” by Fortune Small Business and appeared on the magazine’s cover for its December/January 2002 issue. Harnish wrote a book titled, “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” which is now considered a cult classic amongst top CEO’s and business owners. That was followed by a best-seller titled, “Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It… and Why the Rest Don’t”. This book and focuses on the major decisions that every company must get right; people, strategy, execution, and cash. For anyone who runs or invests in a company, especially one that is trying to grow, Vern is a must-hear!

All-Time High in Land & Fertilizer… What Next? During this session, KVT and his special guest will dive in and debate everything surrounding land, i.e. ways we are investing in it, where we see prices headed, fertilizer and input forecasts, cash rents, etc… The audience will be able to ask questions and get a better understanding of where we are headed. This panel is filled with leaders in land as well as owners and executives on the input and fertilizer side of the business.   

Special Speaker – Jim McKelvey Founder of Square – Jim McKelvey co-founded the payments firm “Square” after he had trouble selling an art piece from his studio. His company is now valued at over +$110 Billion and Jim is considered one of the wealthiest men in the United States. Jim’s latest book, The Innovation Stack, explains how world-changing companies are built on the strategy of an “Innovation Stack,” revealing a repeatable pattern of ground-breaking, competition-proof entrepreneurship. Jim also sits on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. This is one speaker I have been told is a don’t miss. I am hoping I can take some of Jim’s thoughts and ideas and apply them to some of my own businesses. 

Special Speaker – Jason Brown – NFL Football Player & Farmer – Jason Brown played college ball in his home state at the University of North Carolina. After a standout career with the Tarheels he was selected in the fourth round of the 2005 NFL Draft and began his pro career with the Baltimore Ravens at center. After playing his first three seasons with the Ravens he signed a monster five-year $37.5 million contract with the St. Louis Rams that included $20 million in guaranteed money, which made him the highest paid center in professional football. Despite the large sum of money and having three years left on his contract, Jason Brown decided to leave the NFL in 2012 to become a farmer in Louisburg, North Carolina. His decision was not a selfish one however. Brown has become a farmer for a specific reason, which is to grow produce to stock the shelves local food pantries for free. To date he has donated 46,000 pounds of sweet potatoes and over 10,000 pounds of cucumbers. His selfless decision to leave his NFL dreams behind to help others shows the depth of his character, and serves as an example to others in regards to giving when you have the opportunity to give. 

The Future of Food & Farming – During this session, KVT and his special guest will debate and field questions from the audience on topics surrounding the future of agriculture, i.e. food for health, new technologies, climate change pressure, carbon credits, going direct to the consumer, regenerative ag, plant-based meats, and much more. This panel is filled with leaders in the ag-tech space producers who have made big changes for big profit.  

Special Speaker – Warren Rustandgrew up on a small farm in Minnesota and went on to be an All-American basketball player at the University of Arizona. In 1973 he was selected as a White House Fellow and was soon appointed as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of Commerce where he co-led the first-ever Executive Level Trade Mission to the Soviet Union. Rustand then became Special Assistant to then-Vice President Gerald Ford. In 1974, when the Vice President became President, he asked Warren to serve as the Appointments Secretary and Cabinet Secretary to the President. Following his time in public service, Warren again entered the private sector as an entrepreneur. He subsequently was named CEO of ten companies and has been chairman of several others. He has served on the Board of Directors of fifty for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. For more than 30-years Warren lead a program that over six thousand CEOs participated in which included meetings with the President, Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries, Congressional leadership, members of the Supreme Court, and leading lobbyists. Warren was Global Chair of the World Presidents Organization and is the current Dean of Learning for the EO Global Leadership Academy.  has been recognized with many honors and awards, among them: The Visionary Leadership Award, The Distinguished Citizens Award, The 25th Year Achievement Award, The Sports Hall of Fame, The Robbie Award, and Father of the Year Award.

Our Best Investing Ideas for 2022 and Beyond– During this session, KVT and his special guest will offer up their favorite investments for the new year and some of their best and worst experiences from the past. The audience can ask questions about various investment ideas, strategies, psychology of trading and investing, etc… The panelist will include real professional investors, crypto traders, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers, real estate investors, etc. Remember, at our 2012 event my best idea was buying Facebook stock off the IPO and everyone laughed. In 2016 and 2017 my best idea was buying Bitcoin, again everyone in the audience chuckled. In 2018 and 2019 my best idea was continuing to buy Tesla, again most everyone laughed. I have four or five ideas I really like this time around and I know our other guest panelist will have several different thoughts and perspectives I am eager to hear. This one should be lots of fun!     
NEW Venue – All inside the NEW Loews hotel in Kansas City, MO.

Get Signed Up Today… Seats are Now Very Limited: If you are interested in attending our annual FARMCON 2022 event simply Click HERE  and select the number of FARMCON passes you need. My wife and our team will send you a welcome package and will start keeping you up to date on event details as we move closer. Our family is looking forward to seeing everyone in person to kick off 2022!!! If you have any questions or problems please call the office at (816) 322 5300 or e-mail my wife

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