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Streamlining Ranch Operations with “Smart Livestock Management”

By 2050, the world will need to feed more than 10 billion people and require a 70% increase in global food production. Animal protein accounts for 20% of the global diet, so the world needs a lot more livestock. However, there is no space to grow, farmers are being forced to produce more food, for less, using fewer resources per animal. 

A company called “Vence” has created a livestock management platform that brings total oversight of the herd from the farm to your smartphone. Control the movement and grazing of animals directly in real-time or on a set schedule, using artificial intelligence to optimize rotational or strip grazing and maximize land yield. Create virtual fences anywhere to dictate grazing behavior or specify protected areas, and use the app to get up-to-date information about animal well-being from sensors worn by the livestock.

You are invited to learn how “Vence” is helping producers cut costs while scaling their operations at our webinar called “Streamlining Ranch Operations With Smart Livestock Management,” being held Thursday, September 23 at 3:00 pm CST with Frank Wooten, CEO, Vence. Register HERE

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