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NEW Company Has Learned to Snatch Nitrogen Out the Air for Plant Use

A major component of modern agriculture is synthetic fertilizers, which have largely contributed to the huge improvements in crop yields over the last several decades. However, these products come at a cost. Nitrogenous fertilizer production accounts for approximately 2% of global energy consumption and can have significant negative long-term impacts on soil health and plant microbes worldwide.

Intrinsyx Bio is a new company that is working to restore balance to the microbial ecosystem in the soil. They have learned through research and studies that in every acre of farmland exists about 45 tons of nitrogen in the air, more than enough to grow any crop.  The problem is nitrogen in that form is not directly available to all plants. Intrinsyx Bio’s technology collects the natural, symbiotic microbes that exist all around us and enables plants to tap into this nitrogen source directly from the air. Its microbial inoculants reduce input costs, enhance yields and help the environment.  

This all sounds crazy to me, but you are invited to learn more at a webinar we are co-hosting called “Harnessing the Power of Plant-Microbe Partnerships.” The webinar will be held Thursday, August 18th at 3:00 pm CST featuring Ahsan Ali, CEO of Intrinsyx Bio. Click HERE to join.

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