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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Create Ag Products That Consumers Love

Consumers have made clear that they are looking for quality, traceable agriculture products, but too many food producers are still relying on outdated and imprecise R&D processes that don’t take those evolving preferences into account. There is a need for a massive digital transformation across the industry in order to meet this rising demand. 

A company called “Native” is the only ag-focused software platform on the market that uses end-to-end data and artificial intelligence to optimize products and supply chains, converting consumer insights into actual decisions that improve product formulations and outcomes. Native has combined all of the applications that producers need to engage and understand their consumers, predict market trends, and create products with better outcomes.

As producers, I think if we can get a better understanding of where things are headed we will have an improved chance to adjust our sails and position our farms and ag businesses correctly. You are invited to attend our special webinar and learn how “Native” is building its predictive digital infrastructure to support the food supply chain of the future. The webinar is titled “Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Create Ag Products That Consumers Love,” and will be held Thursday, May 27th at 3:00 PM CST featuring Frank Pica, co-founder and CEO of Native.

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