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Digitizing Agriculture to Optimize Farm Decision-Making and Boost Efficiency

Arable is building a community to share knowledge and advance agricultural innovation on the farm. The company enables farmers to digitize and optimize their decisions by providing data on how weather and other factors affect yield, quality, and harvest timing. It measures everything of importance to crops–weather, soil, and even the plant itself–using a set of spectral and thermal sensors that point down at the plants. Arable is the complete system that connects farm decisions, plant insights, and weather observations to outcomes.  

You can learn more about Arable and the latest technology and tools at “Digitizing Agriculture to Optimize Farm Decision-Making and Boost Efficiency,” a webinar to be held Thursday, April 22, at 3pm CST featuring Jim Ethington, CEO of Arable. Prior to joining Arable, Jim spent 10 years at The Climate Corporation where he was VP of Product and helped grow the company to 50 million paid acres. Register HERE

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