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Automated Crop Monitoring and Field Insights, Over and Under the Canopy

There are approximately 900 million acres of farmland in the US and less than 2% of the population directly works on farms. To ensure profitability, farmers and agronomists need to regularly scout their fields to ensure their crops are not being damaged by pests and diseases, but this work takes hours and comes with a large margin of error.

A company called “Aker” is trying to become a premier partner for agriculture retailers and suppliers who are in need of the most valuable data-driven field insights. Overhead, under the canopy, and even down to the soil line — Aker provides nationwide reliable, actionable crop health and pest maps that drive financially smart treatment decisions. The company’s automated technology delivers location-specific data, visualization tools, robust diagnostics and under the canopy sensors that capture crop stressors.

You are invited to attend today’s webinar to hear and learn more about how Aker is helping farmers improve profitability and increase yields by automating this process. Today’s webinar is called, “Automated Crop Monitoring and Field Insights, Over and Under the Canopy,” and will be held Thursday, April 8, at 3:00 CST featuring Orlando Saez and Sharon Berberich with Aker Technologies. To register, Click HERE.

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