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There is So Much More We Need to Learn About “Light”

GROW is a short 2-minute video inspired by scientific light recipes which improve plants’ growth and resilience. The light is somewhat poetic, and inspired by photobiology light science technologies which have shown that certain recipes of blue, red, and ultraviolet light can enhance plant growth and reduce the use of pesticides by up to 50%.

GROW is part of the artist-in-residence program of Rabobank. Daan Roosegaarde and his team of designers and experts developed GROW. On the science side is Dr. Wargent, PhD, Chief Science Officer at BioLumic, and world-leading expert in plant photobiology, says, specific “light recipes”—combinations of frequencies of blue, red, and ultraviolet light—have been shown to activate a plant’s metabolism and inspire increased bio-responses and resistance to pests.  

I have included below some additional pictures from a large “leek” field and a graphic showing plant sensitivity to light on the McCree curve, which charts the plant’s response to different lightwave lengths. To see the short video Click HERE.

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