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MUST WATCH… Can a Burrito Change the World? Chipotle’s Super Bowl Commercial 

In its first Super Bowl ad, Chipotle goes deep into the world of agriculture. The short advertisement created by Venables Bell & Partners, begins with a young boy dining at home, burrito in hand, who poses the question, “What if this burrito could change the world?” 

We all need to pay very close attention as more and more companies market to their consumer in this manner. The more these food businesses push this type of marketing towards the consumer the more flexible we will have to become on the farm and more open-minded to regenerative and sustainable practices. 

Just like we have seen in politics and on Wall Street the past few years, media and social media is having a massive impact on shaping and directing change. We can’t simply ignore it! Again, it doesn’t matter if it’s right, wrong, true, or false… the world is moved and follows the stories it loves and believes in. Make your adjustment. Click HERE to watch

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