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Building a “Soil Cloud” to Increase Yields and Boost Soil Health

Soil compaction can reduce yield by up to -20% but primary tillage, the typical solution to this problem, is time-consuming and costs farmers up to $30 per acre. At the same time, excessive tillage adversely affects soil structure, harms the soil microbiome, and increases the likelihood of soil erosion that contributes to lower crop productivity and declining water quality. 

EarthOptics sees soil differently. The company is developing a range of agriculture technologies designed to analyze the soil and generate below ground near real-time actionable data layers encompassing the physical, chemical, and biological attributes of soil. Its goal is to enable farmers to more easily obtain the accurate soil information they need to make well-informed decisions about their operations.

Learn how one company is helping farmers better understand what is happening in their soil to optimize tillage operations while saving resources at, “Building a ‘Soil Cloud’ to Improve Soil Health, Increase Yields and Boost Land Value,” a webinar to be held February 4 at 4pm ET featuring Dr. Lars Dyrud, CEO of EarthOptics. Click HERE to REGISTER

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