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It’s Happening… “Greenery” Offers Producers a Turnkey Container Farm

More and more people are starting to find ways to grow their own food. From restaurant owners to local communities, I’m hearing and seeing more people take a genuine interest in growing plants, food, etc… Perhaps it the advancement of technology or the grassroots effort to “go green”   

Step inside Freight Farm’s “Greenery”, the version 2.0 container farm, and you’ll quickly see that within the same standard 320 sq. ft. footprint, the unit offers farmers 70% more growing space, advancing the limits of production. After spending years collecting data as well as documenting the experience of hundreds of farmers in its global network, Freight Farms saw the potential to blueprint entirely new farm components previously unavailable to the industry. 

Packing the equivalent of 3.5 acres worth of produce into the small space, the Greenery requires less than five gallons of water a day. I’m told farmers are now able to tailor-fit growing conditions through an operating system that can influence the flavor, as well as the color, texture and size of the crops. In fact, Freight Farms has standardized recipes you can load to control nutrient and CO2 levels as well as controlling light and water schedules. 

Freight Farms technology is making it easier to bring people closer to their food source, especially with year-round production featuring fresh, sustainably-grown, and flavorful greens. With consumer trends leaning in this direction, I think this could be a possible play for those who are nearer urban settings and can set up contracts directly with end-users. Keep in mind this hydroponic growing system operates independently from land, climate, and season with the power to bring local food production, something all the millennials are looking for. Interestingly, this turnkey operation can also be operated remotely, meaning you can Freight Farms do your work for you while you receive the benefits. 

From what I understand, the increased spacing is possible as the Greenery is now equipped with lightweight growing panels that are movable using a rack-and-pinion system, allowing growers to harvest larger plants than previously possible. At the moment, the Greenery sells for $104,000, and the price is expected to increase starting next year. Reports are that they sold out of their initial production run and that there is a waiting list for the next 60. Watch a ten-second video that takes you inside the Greenery HERE and you can learn more at Freight Farms website HERE, where there is lots of good information on how to use the transportable growing container.

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