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If You’ve Ever Played Football, Been to a Game, or Just a Fan… This is a Must Watch Video!

This video is from this past weekend’s Super Bowl with players, coaches and family mic’ed up from the Chiefs and 49’ers. It brings back tons of great memories playing a sport I truly loved and the camaraderie of a team and a family. I just don’t think many folks realize how well these players work together as a team, complementing one another and trying to pick each other up when things are going bad, something many leaders and employees miss in most of our daily business life. We could all learn from the teamwork represented. My wife loved the video as well so I encourage you to share with everyone in your family. I also think you should take the time top watch it in full context, it’s worth the time invested. Make sure you definitely watch the last 10 minutes, lots of great heartfelt emotion. Click HERE 

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