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Coronavirus Update

We are now approaching +10,000 infected globally, which surpassed that of the SARS epidemic over a year long period (2002-2003). There are now a reported +213 dead, which is another +25% jump. There are now thought to be 100 confirmed cases of infection outside mainland China in at least 18 countries. Reuters reported that China’s Shandong province has asked companies not to resume working before 10 February to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Air Canada suspended all flights to and from China until the end of February. It followed Canada’s recommendation to avoid all non-essential travel to China. Almost 200 US citizens have been evacuated and have arrived at a military base in California. They will be isolated for a minimum of 72 hours. The US is said to be planning another airlift in the coming days. Google and IKEA became the latest franchises to shut their Chinese shops and offices. 

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