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NEW “Feedstuff Finder” Tool Simplifies Buying and Selling for US Producers

Livestock producers can often find themselves scrambling to locate the feed they need, when they need it. The problem has been particularly acute in drought stricken regions and led a team at University of Missouri Extension to develop an online solution. The new tool, called “Feedstuff Finder,” lets farmers and ranchers find or list hay and feedstuffs for sale.

Sellers of co-products like soyhulls, distiller’s grain, or corn gluten feed as well as forages like corn silage or hay, can share prices, product information and locations with potential buyers at no cost. Buyers can view available products on an easy-to-navigate map, complete with product details and photos; buyers can also input their location to calculate an estimated delivery cost. Feedstuff listings are free and can be sorted by forage or co-product type and price per unit.

While Feedstuff Finder was piloted for Missouri producers, the MU team says the site is set up for the entire lower 48 states. I pulled up a Feedstuff Finder map on the website and there are already over 120 product listings across multiple states, including Missouri, nearly all its bordering states, as well as South Dakota and Alabama. The tool just launched on December 1, and the MU team expects use will only increase.

“Cattle producers don’t want to reduce their herds any more than they already have due to drought conditions. If Feedstuff Finder helps them find the hay needed to get them through the winter, that is a major win for us and for the industry,” Joe Horner, MU Extension agricultural economist, told DTN in a recent interview.  

MU Extension is collaborating with the Missouri Department of Agriculture and the MU Agricultural Electronic Bulletin Board to populate directories and help users become familiar with Feedstuff Finder. Instructional videos, in-person training and other resources will be available to assist new users.

Visit Feedstuff Finder HERE to view feedstuff product listings. Individuals can create a free account to post products for sale. (Sources: MU Extension, DTN)

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