The Van Trump Report

Thinking A Bit Differently About Today’s Markets with Professional Traders Andy Daniels and Special Guest Braden Hudye

Kevin Van Trump and Andy Daniels sit down with Braden Hudye, Co-Founder at Altrus Capital Investments, to discuss current thoughts and opinions regarding the markets, what is going to happen in the 2024 US election, recessions thoughts we’ve been talking about the last 18 months, precious and industrial metals¬†outlook the rest of 2023, why a few of us like the thoughts of holding copper longer term, current positions in crude oil as well as natural gas, what all of us are doing with Benson Hill, our top stock picks at the moment, current thoughts on land values, and lastly, current thoughts on the crop market. There are also lots of other great topics discussed. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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