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Small Farming Robots That are Making a Big Difference!

“Per Plant Intelligence” is about having an understanding of every plant in the field. Where they are at in the growing cycle, what inputs they need, and how to best optimize their yield. 

“Per Plant Action” is the ability to take action at that same level of detail across an entire farm. 

A NEW ag start-up called “Small Robot Company” is developing sustainable farming robots to make farming more efficient, more sustainable, and more productive. Small Robot Company is reimagining farming to make food production sustainable. Using robotics and artificial intelligence, it has created an entirely new model for ecologically harmonious, efficient and profitable farming based on per plant farming.

You are invited to attend a webinar we are co-hosting called, “The Small Farming Robots That are Making a Big Difference”. The webinar is going to be held Thursday, June 16 at 3:00 pm CST with Ben Scott-Robinson co-founder and CEO of Small Robot Company.

Register for the webinar HERE 

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