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Current Thoughts on the Extreme Volatility in Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans

Special Guest: Jeffrey McPike from WASEDA Commodities is one of the most respected names in the industry. McPike graduated from Yale University in 1980. After graduating he began a long and successful career in the commodity business. McPike began his career at Continental Grain Company working in North Dakota, Minnesota, and New York, specializing in wheat and feed grains trading. He was with J.Aron & Company until the mid-90s where he focused on physical and derivative trading in the global wheat markets. McPike later became the Head of Wheat Trading at Goldman Sachs before establishing his own trading and consulting firm, “McWheat Trading”. Formerly, McPike also worked at McDonald Pelz Global Commodities, an international physical commodity brokerage firm. He has also worked for two different grain importing firms out of Egypt, and with Cefetra BV to help them expand their origination base in Central and Eastern Europe and the UK. McPike is currently a member of the WASEDA Commodities LLC team, working with clients across the Ag commodity supply chain to develop and implement successful strategies. McPike is also a frequent presenter at U.S. Wheat Associates’ conferences and global conferences in the Middle East and Africa.

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