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Grain Bin Turned Into a Retirement Home

This came back across my desk the other day, I thought it was cool then and I think it’s still extremely cool today. After inheriting about 250 acres of prairie land from her father, Kate Morris, put her long-held dream one day turning a grain storage bin into a home. Her property is located in Great Falls, Montana on which she had a grain bin constructed and then proceeded to do nothing for about 8 years. After Morris retired from teaching art and after a couple of years she spent taking care of her older brother, she was reunited with an architect whom she had taught in grade school. With his help and the help of an adventurous builder, she was able to get her dreams made into reality. It’s an amazing space that you just have to see to believe, crazy to think it was built in a grain bin with such an amazing and peaceful view. I tip my hat to a job well done! I also included some pics of a few other grain bins home that have popped up in the past few years. Amazing! (Source: Houzz)

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