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Giant Tractor and Farm Auction Coming Up… Worth the Road Trip! 

John & Linda O’Connell’s John Deere tractors will be joining the 2021 Mecum Auction Gone Farmin’ Fall Premier lineup! The auction will take place a month from now November 11-13 at the Bend XPO in East Moline, IL.This might be one worth the road trip…

The tractors coming up for auction will include a 1972 John Deere 4020 Hi-Crop, 1972 John Deere 3020 Hi-Crop, 1966 John Deere 2510 Hi-Crop, 1972 John Deere 2520 Hi-Crop, 1963 John Deere 4010 Hi-Crop, and a 1961 John Deere 2010.

Although the O’Connell’s tractors are going to bring a lot of attention in this auction, they will also be auctioning off a restored John Deere 953 Wagon that includes a 246-247-2-row planter, No. 415 2-bottom plow, 6-foot KBL disk, No. 472 2-bottom disk plow, 24-B 1-row planter, No. 4N 1-bottom plow, and 6-foot digger. Additionally, they are also bringing a 1972 John Deere No. 77 Duster and a 1972 John Deere Part Number AR30474 to auction as well. 

First on everyone’s list is obviously the 1972 John Deere 4020 Hi-Crop, which was the first Hi-Crop built-in 1972 out of 54. Other features on the tractor include the new wiring harness, front double stack weights, rear-wheel weights, full 3-point hitch, floor mat, cigar lighter, and triple hydraulics. It’s worth noting, this tractor will have no reserve come November.

As of right now, the two stars of the auction include the 1960 fully restored John Deere 440 ICD and 1965 restored Farmall 1206. It’s also worth mentioning, a lot of producers have their eye on the 1 of 1 custom-built half-scale 4020 Wheatland John Deere, which FFA will benefit from any profits that are raised during the sale of this tractor at the auction. (Source: Mecum Auctions)

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