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NEW Solution for Udder Health in Dairy Cows… Making Me Think About Other Business Solutions

Bovine mastitis is the scourge of the dairy industry, infecting up to 70% of some herds and costing the industry an estimated $108 million annually due to lost production. An inflammation of the udder tissue due to either physical trauma or an infection, mastitis is potentially fatal and is the most common and costly disease in dairy cattle worldwide. 

A company called EIO Diagnostics has developed a new testing system that can detect Mastitis earlier than previously thought possible. The company’s proprietary UdderHealth™ Mastitis system combines advanced sensor and machine learning to detect infection signs days before there are physical indications in the udder or milk. Results are provided in less than a second without the need for samples from the milk or the cow, and a signal is provided instantly that integrates with the workflow of the farm. As you can. imagine, early detection means earlier treatment and less impact on the herd.

The company also says, “By helping solve a problem for one farmer, we have found a way to help many. Our team is dedicated to providing practical tools for farmers at all scales of production.” 

You are invited to learn more as we hear from Tamara Leigh, Co-founder & CEO, EIO Diagnostics at our webinar titled “A New Solution for Udder Health in Dairy Cows,” being held tomorrow September 30 at 3:00 pm CST. Remember, there might be some things talked about that trigger thought or business ideas in something completely outside dairy cows. In fact, I’ve gotten some of my best hacks, business and investments ideas when I’ve attended talks outside my core competency. Click HERE to register

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