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Why More Ranchers are Turning to HerdDogg

It’s been years since location-based technologies and geofencing-enabled apps, like Foursquare, changed what users expected from their mobile devices. Now we all have access to geo-located tools like Uber, Lyft, and more right at our fingertips. A company called HerdDogg has leveraged this technology to help ranchers keep tabs on their herds and improve efficiency. 

HerdDogg’s animal traceability platform combines in-field hardware, a digital management platform and data science to help producers monitor herd well-being, deliver precision animal care and keep track of every animal under their care. The company’s patented ear tag technology collects animal identification, location, movement, and welfare at long range, delivering that directly to the user’s phone so that they can check on their herd from anywhere at any time.

You are invited to learn more about HerdDogg at “The Data Ranchers Need to Drive Value From Every Animal They Raise,” a webinar to be held tomorrow, September 16 at 3:00 pm CST with Melissa Brandao, founder and Chief Revenue Officer of HerdDogg. Register HERE.

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