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Unlocking the Land’s Natural Potential

We’ve all heard the warnings. Crop production needs to increase +70% by 2050 just to keep up with population growth. Available arable land has been decreasing worldwide since the 1960s. And at the same time, we are being forced to change our practices and scale back in many areas because of climate change. That’s the bad news. The good news is that twice as much carbon is stored in the soil as is stored in the atmosphere, meaning we have access to much more efficient farming if we can fully harness the power of soil health.

A new ag tech company called MyLand is working to improve the biological, chemical, and physical properties of soil resulting in significant returns for farmers in terms of reduced inputs cost, higher yields and revenue, as well as increased land value. In addition, the increase in soil organic matter resulting from the implementation of the MyLand service plays an important role in climate change mitigation by storing carbon (carbon capture), decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving water retention.

MyLand Company LLC (“MyLand”) announced back in mid-July it has secured over +1,000,000 acres of farmland for its regenerative services. The participating growers represent many regions and crop types and include International Farming Corporation, OLAM Edible Nuts, Oregon Potato Company, Lone Star Family Farms, and Martori Farms, among others.

You are invited to attend our special webinar to learn more about how one company is rapidly rebuilding sustainable soil. The webinar is titled, “Unlocking the Land’s Natural Potential,” and is being held Thursday, August 26th at 3:00 pm CST featuring Peter Williams, CEO of MyLand. Register HERE

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