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Mining Soil to Discover Next-Generation Ag Products

Disease, crop infestation and pollution are age-old threats to our world that are increasingly gaining more attention in the headlines. New solutions are now being created to better address these threats. Fortunately, many of the solutions can be found right beneath our feet, in the soil.

A new company called Pluton Biosciences is using technology that is able to quickly and inexpensively tap into the diverse world of bacteria, fungi, and viruses in our fields to discover next-generation products for agriculture, pesticide, bioremediation, energy, and pharmaceutical industries. It can discover novel microbes to use in new natural products in months, not years, at a fraction of the cost expended by current laboratories.   

You are invited as our special guest to learn more about how Pluton Biosciences is extracting valuable, natural resources from the soil in the form of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, at “Mining the Power of Microbes,” a webinar to be held Thursday, August 12th at 3:00 pm CSTT featuring Barry Goldman, Ph.D., CEO of Pluton Biosciences. Register HERE

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