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Ag Intelligence for Smart Water Management

Water is one of the most important crop inputs on the farm, and for some it can be one of the most expensive. Currently farms pay on average about $41 per acre for irrigation. But that figure jumps to over +$70 per acre in drier areas like California. Clearly, efficient irrigation systems and water management practices are needed to help maintain farm profitability while also maximizing overall yield.

A company called “M8 Systems” believes they have a platform that is helping producers safeguard crops from damage and at the same time protecting them from water-related financial risk. The M8 Systems platform provides a complete irrigation solution for agriculture, M8 WaterGuard™ is a cloud-based system that requires no wiring, no WiFi, and no new infrastructure to deploy.

You are invited to attend our special webinar titled, “Ag Intelligence for Smart Water Management.” We are speaking with Thomas Dewey, VP of M8 Systems and are interested in finding out more about their latest research and development. The webinar is going to be held on Thursday, July 15th at 3:00pm CST. 

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