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Listen In… Solving Modern-Day Agricultural Problems Using Predictive Modeling

From larger farm sizes to a decreasing number of farmers, to more rented acreage and higher operating loans, bankruptcies are exposing producers and financial institutions in agriculture to greater risk. Real, meaningful solutions require partnerships between agtech and the institutions that support agriculture so together they can come up with new and innovative insights that scale across entire portfolios. 
A company called “Agrograph” is building what they call the credit score of agriculture. Much like FICO reshaped the financial industry with its personal credit scores, Agrograph has standardized farm-to-farm creditworthiness for the agricultural industry. The company is helping the industries that support farmers, crop insurers, ag lenders, and ag service providers.
The company is also providing producers with tools to make smarter decisions when it comes to sustainability. Whether it’s measuring evapotranspiration or assessing soil moisture, our technology instructs when to plant, plow, irrigate, and even harvest crops to better meet sustainable outcomes. We can identify farms that maximize carbon storage or efficiently utilize water through regenerative farming techniques, helping retailers and their shareholders manage their whole supply chain.

You are invited to attend our webinar to learn how Agrograph is using combinations of machine learning and satellite imagery to generate millions of acres worth of global field-level predictions that can be leveraged to solve many modern-day agronomic problems for ag lenders, traders, merchandisers, feedlots, crop insurers and many more in the ag industry. The webinar is being held Thursday, June 17th at 3:00 pm CST featuring Jim O’Brien, co-founder and CEO of Agrograph. Click HERE to Register

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