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Machine Learning to Make Global Agriculture Trade Easier, Faster and More Profitable

Food is clearly a global business! Crops flow from producing countries to those where they are used as ingredients in prepared products, restaurants, and home kitchens on a daily basis. As the world grows and people travel more easily new markets are being opened to agriculture producers of all sizes. But global trade isn’t easy, requiring complex supply chain operations, inventory management, detailed contracts, and more.

A company called “TradeLanes” has created a tool called the Global Trade Management platform which allows shippers to digitize and automate their supply chains, leveraging an easy-to-use web interface to access real-time data about shipments, destinations, and clients. The company is bringing ag shippers, merchants and buyers together with tools that offer advanced tracking, digital documentation, vendor collaboration, detailed reporting and more to simplify the process of “going global”. 

If you would like to learn how TradeLanes is building a tech-enabled platform to simplify global trade for buyers, sellers and more, you are invited to attend our special webinar titled, “Machine Learning to Make Global Agriculture Trade Easier, Faster and More Profitable.” If you have ever thought of buying or selling direct globally you should plan to listen in. The webinar will be hosted Thursday, June 10th at 3:00 PM CST featuring Vijay Harrell, CEO of TradeLanes. Register HERE

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