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On My Investment Radar… Company Eliminating Illness-Causing Food Pathogens

As much as 25% of the world’s grain production is lost annually in the post-harvest supply chain due to spoilage and mycotoxin contamination. This is not only a massive financial loss for farmers but also a challenge for businesses and global governments who are now more than ever looking to improve food security. 

A company called “NanoGuard” has created a technology they are calling “High Voltage Atmospheric Cold Plasma” (HVACP) that has been proven to reduce post-harvest food loss and increases food safety by pasteurizing the surface of food and feed to reduce microbial activity by greater than 99% and cut toxin levels in half. The technology is a form of “airilization” a non-thermal sterilization method that uses energized air to safely kill harmful bacteria, mold, fungi, and viruses in minutes. this technology allows them to reduce rather than simply suppress mold, fungus, toxins, bacteria and viruses. Studies have confirmed that their process achieves more than 99% effective reduction in microbial activity and greater than 90% reduction in toxins. 

NanoGuard achieves this without post-treatment plasma residues and at a lower cost than competing technologies. This represents a sustainable solution to increase food availability and shelf life, reduce pressure on natural resources, reduce hunger, enhance human and animal health as well as improve the profitability of farmers. From my perspective, a win-win! 

My partners at iSelect are hosting a webinar where we will learn more about NanoGuard and how their technology is developing. The webinar is titled, “Preventing Unnecessary Food Waste by Eliminating Illness-Causing Pathogens,” and is scheduled to be held Thursday, May 20th at 3:00 pm CST featuring Larry Clarke, CEO of NanoGuard Technologies. Register HERE

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