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Ship and Store Foods at Room Temperature, Without Preservatives

Food preservation is a complex science. Either you’re leveraging chemical preservatives to maintain freshness over time, or you’re sacrificing things like taste and texture. Canning, for example, involves high heat for sterilization and flavors sometimes get lost. 

You are invited to join our webinar this week to learn how a new company called IXON’s is using its “advanced sous-vide aseptic packaging” technology (ASAP for short) to sterilize food at just 140 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows the food to maintain both its flavor and moisture while fully protecting it for up to 24 months. This process also excludes preservatives and chemicals which are commonly found in other preserved and packaged foods. ASAP technology allows the company to retains the quality and nutritional value of fresh produce, with the convenience and accessibility of canned and preserved foods, which could be a game-changer on many fronts! 

In some conversations, I have heard they could promise up to two years of freshness. I also wonder at scale how big of a reduction will they make in “food waste” and will that dramatically reduce overall production demand i.e. meaning less food production needed. 

You can learn a lot more about this incredible new technology at “Ship and Store Foods at Room Temperature, Without Preservatives,” a webinar to be held Thursday, May 6 at 3:00pm CST featuring Felix Cheung, CEO of IXON Food Technology. REGISTER HERE

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