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Making Sense out of Complex, Scattered Farm Data

Plant breeding is one of the fastest-growing segments in agriculture and is expected to expand by more than 15% annually through 2023, driven by new crop optimization techniques and CRISPR technologies. But, in order for this market to reach its full potential field data around seed growth, crop protection and more needs to be digitized so that it can be managed in a simple, reliable and precise way.

EIWA is a company that is developing agriculture-based imagery analysis tools to analyze, predict and model crop behavior for the plant breeding industry. The company combines field information and data knowledge management within a simple and reliable framework in order to speed up product development cycles and accelerate time to market for a range of agricultural products. EIWA’s services deliver valuable genotypic and phenotypic information to clients for seed and agrochemical R&D to reduce data capture costs and considerably improve accuracy. 

You can learn how EIWA is bringing new technology to this emerging segment of ag-tech at “Making Sense out of Complex, Scattered Farm Data,” a webinar to be held Thursday, April 15, at 3:00pm CST featuring Marcelo Gowland, Co-founder of EIWA. Register HERE

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