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Engineering Our Way to Stronger Crops and Improved Yields!

Meeting the growing demand for high-quality, low-cost food has many farmers along with their seed company suppliers turning to genetic engineering to substantially increase food production as well as storage efficiency. A company called “Agribody Technologies” has a new solution that is gaining some attention.

Agribody Technologies is using genome editing to lead the crop development revolution by licensing and co-developing patented crop yield-enhancing technologies. Its unique genetic technology is creating multiple plant species that help farmers grow a wider variety of crops, gain higher yields, and increased stress tolerance, while not increasing input costs. 

Agribody’s technology has been validated in both lab and greenhouse studies for multiple crops and also during two years of replicated field trials that showed strong results. For now, the company’s business model involves licensing or co-development, drawing a growing customer base from innovative seed companies who are looking for new alternatives and approaches. I should note, the company is also seeing strong results with alfalfa and is helping to greatly extend the shelf life on perishable goods. In other words, they seem to have a lot of good things happening so it’s probably worth the listen. 

You can learn and hear more about Agribody Technologies during our Thursday, March 25 webinar titled, “Genetic Engineering Our Way to Stronger Crops and Improved Yield”. It will be held at 3:00pm CST and feature Jerry Feitelson, Pd.D., co-founder and CEO of Agribody Technologies. REGISTER HERE

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