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“Certified Hemp Seed”… Breeding the Highest Quality and Most Reliable

Hemp isn’t like other crops. Both hemp seed and clone quality can vary widely, significantly impacting production. Getting seed that is clean and has a high germination percentage has been challenging in this industry. 
New West Genetics believes they provide the highest quality, most reliable proprietary hemp seed that reduces risk, increases yield, and enables sustainable large-scale production. Its technology combines traditional breeding using genomic supported selection, without using transgenic techniques (GMO), proving that breeding hemp plants without using GMO techniques is achievable. With roots in agribusiness, genetics, and breeding, New West Genetics is solving the most pressing problems in the hemp industry while providing valuable options for the wider agricultural industry. 

Learn how New West Genetics is using genomic technology and data-driven discovery to create large-scale, harvestable hemp, at “Breeding the Highest Quality, Most Reliable Certified Hemp Seed,” a webinar to be held March 18 at 4pm ET featuring Wendy Mosher, President and CEO of New West Genetics. Click HERE to Register

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