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Saving Farms Money by Using Automated Sustainable Practice Verification and Improving Operational Efficiency

Every input on the farm that goes into the process of growing and harvesting crops is considered a sunk cost. That’s why “operational efficiency” is so important to most farmers’ bottom lines. A company called FluroSat is working to help farmers cut costs by up to -30% by using data to optimize everything from irrigation to harvesting, while also being able to measure, monitor, and verify sustainability practices.

FluroSat is the developer behind FluroSense, a cloud-based crop management and analytics platform that supports automated crop reporting across a farmer’s entire business. Using the software, farm and weather data, crop models and remote sensing imagery are combined to help users make informed decisions that positively impact their bottom line. The automated toolset can also measure, monitor and verify sustainability practices with remote sensing-based data and integration with the farm management information system. Hassle-free for the farmer, cost-effective for the impact-oriented brands, scalable for the global supply chain.

Learn more about FluroStat at our next Agrifood Conversations on Thursday, February 25 at 3pm CST. The conversation will feature Dr. Anastasia Volkova, founder and CEO of FluroSat. To register CLICK HERE.

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