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MUST LISTEN – Better Understanding Carbon… Measurement, Management, and Marketplace

This week our group at iSelect is hosting a “Soil Carbon” deep-dive. There have been a ton of questions circulating as of late, so I thought this was extremely relevant and timely. You can register below to hear the panel discussing the future of soil carbon and the options available to measure and manage this resource, as well as the marketplace solutions that might offer opportunity moving forward. 

I included some media that is being circulated by the companies presenting on the panel today to help show how money and effort are being pushed in this direction. I urge everyone to pay very close attention to the direction we are heading and what the people are saying who are in the position to lead the charge.  REGISTER HERE and Listen Today!

Carbon Deep-Dive Panelists Include:
Russ Conser, Blue Nest Beef
Paul Gambill, Nori
Chris Harbourt, Indigo
Guy Hudson, Soil Carbon Co.
Ray Riley, Soil Carbon Co.
David Stanko, Nutrien
David Yocom, iSelect Fund

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