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A Sustainable, Effective Solution for Crop Bacterial Diseases

Weeds are a long-standing problem, aggressively hindering crop production by competing with plants for key resources. The team at new Ag Tech startup TerMir believes they are finding some solutions. the company was founded by award-winning scientist Dr. Chad Brommer who earned his PhD from the University of Kentucky in Crop Science & Plant Physiology. He earned his MS in Weed Science & Botany & BS in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Mississippi State University. And was also a former Research & Development leader for herbicides at BASF. 

In an interview with the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, Brommer asked, “Have you ever used hydrogen peroxide on a cut and seen it bubble up?” The TerMir technology works the same way… “It attacks from inside the cell and starts a chain reaction.”  

TerMir won several awards in 2020 for their pioneering, innovative, and environmentally safe treatment for citrus greening disease – one of the most devastating citrus diseases in the world. The team has now developed something exciting they call “Harpe”, a group of herbicides made from plant extracts to kill the weeds that steal a plant’s nutrients. The Harpe portfolio offers biological herbicides with new modes and sites of action that can be used alone or in combination with any currently available herbicides.

With a name that is short for “Earth Miracle” in Latin, TerMir is developing not only an award-winning antibacterial agent to treat citrus greening disease but also bacterial diseases of perennial and annual crops. The company’s products also provide a safe and natural approach to rid crops and landscaping of weeds while supporting farmers’ need to overcome weeds resistant to currently available herbicides. You can see in the pic I included below, Pigweed “pre-treatment” vs. Pigweed 24-hours post-application of Harpe. 

If you want to learn more, you are invited to attend “A Sustainable, Effective Solution for Crop Bacterial Diseases,” a webinar to be held January 28 at 3pm CST featuring Dr. Chad Brommer, president and CTO of TerMir. REGISTER HERE

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