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What’s Most Important in Your Life?

This is a heartfelt message from a farmer who had to make an important choice in his life: to continue seeking the next buzz or to actually take hold of life and be the best man he can be for his family and friends. This was passed on to me from a subscriber and I felt I should do my part to keep it circulating, hope you can help pass it along.
 Words from the Drinking Farmer: 

I agree that a person’s life and his private time are his own. But that in itself is a lie. I had to come to grips with it myself years ago. There are no minutes in the day that are only mine to screw off. Every minute is a shared minute that also belongs to my kids, wife, neighbors, friends, grandkids, and even a few jokers (friends).

Even (now) at 12:18 am if an alarm on my phone goes off, I will be at an electric irrigation sprinkler in minutes to test a 440 circuit, get livestock off the highway, or help the neighbor’s with a problem, or going to get the kids home if they get stuck on a back road. 

Don’t get me wrong, I once could hang onto a buzz for more hours than most folks can stay awake, but sometimes being at your best is required when you least expect it. Like when the alarm goes off on the pig nursery and you’d better be able to detect movement in that building before you open that door and walk-in.

I try not to tell others how to live, I don’t drink…now. Life is just too short to take more chances than I already do. I was never good at stopping with one or two. I enjoy life and if 2 taste good 7 or 8 will taste even better. So for me, it just works best for me to have a 0 tolerance program in place. Everyone has to decide for himself what is best for those he takes care of. A decision I made a long time ago when I was just a kid but found myself as a husband and two little babies calling me daddy… two titles that have always overwhelmed me. I want ‘em to have the best, I can be!

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