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Growth in Aquaculture Has Things We Can Learn and Apply to Crop and Livestock

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production sector in the world, increasing more than 6% annually since 2010 according to the UN, and by 2030 the world will be eating +20% more fish than we did in 2016. Not only will the industry need to scale up to meet this demand, but they will also need to become more transparent in terms of sourcing. Very similar to what we are seeing happen in our traditional crop and livestock space. 

Since many of us have become disconnected from the sources of our seafood, the “ThisFish” tally platform brings end-consumers closer to their food by tracing its journey back to its origins, meaning who caught it, when, where, and how, in order to help shoppers make better-informed choices about the authenticity, quality, and sustainability of the seafood they eat. As an emerging leader in the space, ThisFish Inc. is focused on improving the social, environmental, and financial sustainability of the industry. Keep in mind, this is becoming the larger focus of all investing entities and something we all need to be aware of moving forward. What I mean is that we don’t have to like it, accept or believe it, but if it’s where all the money is flowing it will ultimately impact our returns.

I’m told from a business perspective, their software cuts down on labor, speeds up reporting, and uses data to increase productivity across the supply chain through collecting real-time data from seafood processing plants to strengthen traceability, reduce non-compliance and increase yields. Learn more how ThisFish Inc. is developing software tools to help fish farmers grow, manage and optimize their operations at “Tapping Software to Boost Trust and Transparency in the Seafood Supply Chain,” a webinar to be held December 17 at 3pm CST featuring Eric Enno Tamm, author, CEO and cofounder of ThisFish. Click HERE to Register and attend!

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