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WEBINAR… Irrigation Automation’s Next Step

Autonomous Pivot is enabling growers to turn their center-pivot irrigation systems into an army of autonomous AI farming robots by utilizing proprietary sensing of oil & crop, deep learning, and AI for autonomous farming. AP’s goal to turn center-pivot irrigation systems into a robotics platform for autonomous irrigation, fertigation, and crop protection, will employ the world’s first on-pivot Ground Penetrating Radar for continuous noninvasive sensing of soil water content. I’m told the company’s platform also includes a nitrogen torch for monitoring nitrogen levels and knowing exactly how much nitrogen is there and how efficiently the plants are using it.

Autonomous Pivot is looking to disrupt the row-crop market with its unique non-invasive soil-moisture and nitrogen sensors, comprehensive management of growers’ needs from planting till cropping, including crop-protection alerts, automatic fertilizer management, and automatic Irrigation management. AP’s radar and sensors travel with the pivot and provide 300 measurements for the price of a single sensor, meaning no longer will you have to rely on trusting one sensor to get your moisture reading for your field. It’s worth mentioning, in a head to head competition in adjacent cornfields in Kansas, against a leading human agronomist, AP’s AI not only saved 25% more water but also produced more yield. 

Farmers experiencing record low profitability are looking for ways to minimize input costs while maximizing the ones being used, and this may be one solution. Keep in mind, estimates are calling for a 60% increase in agricultural production with a simultaneous 15% decrease in water usage, in order to meet the future goals of feeding our planet. So where can growers look for help? Farmers need smarter machines so they can improve their business quickly and focus on scaling up. 

Learn how Autonomous Pivot is bringing AI along with nitrogen sensors to existing farm irrigation systems at “Meet the Farm Robots That are Measuring Nutrient Efficiency, Soil Health and More,” a webinar to be held October 22 at 3 pm CST, featuring Yuval Aviel, CEO of Autonomous Pivot. CLICK HERE to register

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