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This is Where We Show the World the Importance of U.S. Agriculture!

KVT’s Rant… I understand there are a ton of complicated moving parts and pieces that most inside the trade want to argue about. I’ve been told one of my main strengths as a thinker and an investor is taking the complicated, dumbing it down and making it simple. Bottom-line, I’m starting to think coronavirus could run like wild-fire across South America as the weather turns colder and more cases spread. I’m not saying they won’t have the available soybean bushels that the world will demand, but I don’t think they will be able to deliver as anticipated when the virus spreads and the labor and trucking pool starts to shrink. I believe the world is going to need soybean meal in a big way and ultimately will have to rely on U.S. suppliers. If the U.S. can’t supply then who can?

I think this is our moment, this is where we show the world the importance of U.S. agriculture! I don’t give a shit about technical analysis at this juncture, our world has been turned upside down. I remember a very wealthy trader once told me that every boat at the bottom of the ocean had a chart on it… and that didn’t work so well.

Bottom line, people have to eat… and I’m placing bets on America and Agriculture!!! I currently own some rice contracts because supply was already very tight and it’s in heavy demand on the survivalist checklist; I own some wheat contracts because I believe Europe and the Black Sea region might eventually have trouble delivering and we might have some weather hiccups here in the U.S. I now own some soybean contracts because I worry that South America could soon have virus related problems and will struggle to deliver. I’ve also started buying a few ag stocks on this last leg lower. I’m being patient with corn, cotton, and livestock and still not yet a buyer.

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