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Whole Foods Unveils Top Food Trends for 2021

One thing I always look forward to during the final stretch of any year are the forecasts and outlooks for the year ahead. This year in particular has seen so many upheavals and shifts in consumer trends, it has been tough to keep track of what's happening. That makes the insights into where we might be going feel a little ...
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Just When You Thought You Had Seen it All… NEW Technology Brings Us Trees!

One of the more promising ideas for removing carbon emissions from our air takes a cue from the Earth's built-in air filters - trees. Arizona State University professor Klaus Lackner has created a "mechanical tree" that promises to be thousands of times more efficient than the leafy CO2 absorbers they mimic. ASU and Silicon Kingdom Holdings, a Dublin-based company, have ...
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Explore Ranches Opens the Gates to America’s Most Pristine Landscapes

It's hard to think of a time in the past few decades when the need to get away from it all felt more vital than ever for our own collective sanity. Americans are lucky in that we have some of the most amazing landscapes in the world just a car ride away. An even luckier few own some of these ...
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Did You Know You Could “Rent” Seats on the Stock Exchange?

Most people I speak with had no idea that someone could simply "lease" or rent a seat at the Chicago Board of Trade or New York Stock Exchange. You leased a seat, found an investor to stake a bit of money, and started trading on the floor. There was a little more to it than that, but in elementary terms, ...
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What’s NEW in the Drone Space?

I remember over a decade ago seeing some of the first drones being used in the ag industry at my Kansas City Conference. They were much larger in size, the cameras were not nearly as good and they were a great deal more expensive. Today, UAVs, as they are called, have become recognized as the go-to for a more accurate ...
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Why Wall Street is Watching Taiwan… What You Need to Know

A military conflict is brewing between China and Taiwan and it could ultimately embroil not just all of Asia but also the U.S. and other global powers. In fact, the Chinese recently released a propaganda video that depicted a mock military attack on a target resembling a U.S. Air Force base in Guam. See the video HERE. They made it ...
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WEBINAR… Irrigation Automation’s Next Step

Autonomous Pivot is enabling growers to turn their center-pivot irrigation systems into an army of autonomous AI farming robots by utilizing proprietary sensing of oil & crop, deep learning, and AI for autonomous farming. AP's goal to turn center-pivot irrigation systems into a robotics platform for autonomous irrigation, fertigation, and crop protection, will employ the world’s first on-pivot Ground Penetrating ...
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What’s NEW in the World of Carbon Credits

Carbon credits are in the news recently with the industry marking some significant milestones. Indigo Agriculture announced the first carbon credit purchase commitments from major global brands, including JPMorgan, Barclays, Shopify, and IBM. At the same time, carbon marketplace developer Nori is about to finalize the first high-volume purchase of credits on its platform which, coincidentally is being sold to ...
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What Warming Nighttime Temps Could Mean for Agriculture

Understand this is NOT a Climate Change debate! The big questions in climate change debates are how, why, and when? Are we looking at too short of a data set? Are we simply in some type of different rotational cycle that has caused the change? The list of questions associated with climate change debates can go on and on. But today ...
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Insects as High-Protein Animal Feed…What You Need to Know

The "Ynsect" experimental insect farm in Dole, eastern France, is pictured on February 8, 2018, a facility that produces premium proteins natural ingredients for aquaculture and pet nutrition. (Photo by SEBASTIEN BOZON / AFP) French startup Ÿnsect is so confident that insects can revolutionize the global food chain that they are building the world's largest bug farm in France. The ...
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